Not in production at this time.  Reconditioned units available directly from Cambridge for a limited time.
GPS-NAV Model 20 or Model 25 System 
Special Package Price
These systems include everything you need in a complete system - including the LCD Navigation Display.  You save $77 when you purchase the packaged Model 20 system and $86 on the packaged Model 25 system.  If you don't need the display you should order the GPS-NAV unit only at right.

Models (select one when ordering)

  • CAF 016S, GPS-NAV Model 20 Logger with built-in antenna, $1560
  • CAF 017S, GPS-NAV Model 25 Logger, with CAA-074 GPS antenna, $1625

The GPS-NAV System comes complete with the following accessories:

  • CAF 013, LCD Navigation Display (English, French, Deutsch or Italian)
  • Charger
    • HA 333, Input: 120 V, 60 Hz, Output: 12 V, 500 mA
    • HA 334, 220 V
  • CAA 074, GPS Antenna (Model 25)
  • HA 349, Serial Data Cable
  • MA 008, GPS-NAV Manual and Software
  • Kit of modular cables, RFI filters, and mounting hardware

Optional (select when placing order):

  • CAA 064, GPS-NAV External Power Pack, battery and cable, 12V, 2 AH, $80
  • CAA 065, Canopy Quick Mount for GPS-NAV Model 20/25, suction cup mount, $80


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