• Goddard-CAI-Pnl-0.5-ClearNav-1

Cable, CAI 302 to NK ClearNav Nexus Board and Panel Connector for PC or PDA
This cable makes it easy to send Cambridge 302 data to either the NK ClearNav or a panel mounted connector for a PC or PDA.  It is used for downloading flight logs from the 302 or uploading waypoint files to the 302.  Includes 1 m cable from Cambridge 302 to NK ClearNav Nexus Board, and 0.5 m cable from 302 to DB-9f panel mounted connector for PDA or PC.  DB-9m connector at 302 end and RJ22 connector at NK ClearNav end, The 302 data out line is always connected to both the NK ClearNav and the panel mounted PC/PDA connector.  Includes panel mounted "PDA / ClearNav" switch for selecting whether the 302's data input line is connected to the panel connector (for PDA or PC) or the NK ClearNav. 5 v power from the 302 is made available at the panel connector at all times.

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  • Brand: Goddard
  • Product Code: Goddard-CAI-Pnl-0.5-ClearNav-1
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