• Goddard-Cable-PF-DB9m-Pwr-RJ45-0.3

Cable, 0.3 m (11.8 inches), PowerFLARM Core to 12V Power and RJ45 Connector
For connecting both 12V power and a FLARM remote display or PDA to a PowerFLARM Core's DB-9f port. The cable has a DB-9m connector for connection to the PowerFLARM Core, 12V power leads for powering the PowerFLARM Core (and connected devices) with 12V, and a short 11.8 inch long cable to an RJ45 connector for use with an FLARM remote display cable. An RJ-Coupler-RJ45-RJ45 is required and not included for connection to a standard RJ45 8-pin to RJ12 6-pin FLARM display cable. The male RJ45 connector is wired the same as the female RJ45 connector on the PowerFLARM Core. This cable is great for use in 2-seat gliders because it makes it possible to connect one remote FLARM display to the Core's RJ45 port and a 2nd remote FLARM display to the Core's DB-9f port. This cable is also great for connecting a PowerFLARM Core to an SN10 that had previously been connected to a Volkslogger. In that case, an RJ-Coupler-RJ45-RJ45 is required for connecting this cable to the SN10 wiring harnesses VL connector. The power leads are 2 m long.

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  • Brand: Goddard
  • Product Code: Goddard-Cable-PF-DB9m-Pwr-RJ45-0.3
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