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Cable, 0.3 m (11.8 inches), Naviter Oudie Power/Data Cable to Cambridge L-NAV
It is possible to setup a Naviter Oudie to output GPS data and "distance to target" information for use by a Cambridge L-NAV or S-NAV.  This cable has a male 6-pin RJ connector that plugs into the back of the L-NAV and an RJ45 (8-pin) connector for connection to the Oudie's power/data cable. An 
RJ-Coupler-RJ45-RJ45 is required (and not included) to connect this cable to the Oudie power/data cable.

The Oudie must be configured to send GPS data out as described below.

How to send NMEA data using Oudie:
a) Put the latest version of SeeYou Mobile on the Oudie.  It can can downloaded from www.naviter.si in the Download > Oudie Firmware menu.
b) Start SeeYou Mobile and exit, make sure that "Save profile" is checked.
c) Connect the Oudie to a PC as described in the Oudie manual.
d) Using Windows Explorer (My Computer) on the PC, In the Oudie's memory, open the "Settings" folder and edit the profile file (DEFAULT.XML if only one profile is used, otherwise edit the profile you will be using).  It is a text file that can be edited using Notepad.
e) Find text "COMOUTPARAMS", and change it to "<COMOUTPARAMS>COM4:4800,N,8,1</COMOUTPARAMS>" and save the changes to the file.
f) Start SeeYou Mobile, set input to "Serial", under "Port settings" select "COM1"

*****The photo above shows an older version of this cable with female RJ45 connector. The current version has a male RJ45 connector and requires the use of an RJ45 couple that is not included.****

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