• Goddard-Cable-K6Bt-302-0.3-miniUSB-1

Cable, K6 Bt BlueTooth Adapter to Cambridge 302 and mini-USB (for powering PDA)
This cable provides 2-way RS-232 serial connections and 5 V power connections.  The 302 supplies 5 V power for powering the K6 Bt and the PDA.  Two cables exit the DB-9m connector that plugs into the 302.  A 0.3 m (11.8 in) cable goes to an RJ45 connector at the K6 Bt end.  A 1 m (3.281 ft) cable goes to a mini-USB connector which is to be plugged into a PDA - supplying 5V power only (no data) to the PDA such as an iPAQ 210.

 - Note: This cable is not recommended for use with an iPAQ 310 PND because the 302 does not seem to be able to supply enough power for both the K6Bt and the iPAQ 310.  The 302 started acting silly with the variometer needle jumping all over when the iPAQ 310 was connected.  This despite the fact that iPAQ 310's battery was fully charged.  However, this cable does seem to work well with my iPAQ 210 PDA.

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