• Goddard-Cable-GPS16xHVS-S7-0p3

Cable, 0.3 m (11.8 inches), Garmin GPS 16x HVS to LXNAV S7 Variometer
For connecting a Garmin GPS 16x HVS directly to an LXNAV S7 variometer. The S7 powers the Garmin with 12V. An RJ45 connector is used at the Garmin end and an RJ12 connector is used for connection to the S7.

*** Note: An RJ-Coupler-RJ45-RJ45 is required (and not included) for connecting this cable to the Garmin cable's RJ45 connector.

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  • Brand: Goddard
  • Product Code: Goddard-Cable-GPS16xHVS-S7-0p3
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  • $50.00

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