• Goddard-Cable-E04-DB9m-LED-12V-0.3

Cable, 0.3m, Cable for GPS data and 12V power for ACK E-04 ELT, By Goddard
The ACK E-04 can accept GPS data though its mini-DIN connector.  It can also accept 12V power through the same connector.  However, since the E-04 has no user-interface, the manual recommends using an external LED to verify that the E-04 is receiving GPS data.  This cable is designed to allow the connection of GPS data and 12V power to the E-04 and it also includes a "GPS Status" LED built into the DB-9m connector. It has a female Mini-DIN connector for connection to the E-04's GPS/power connector.  It also has a DB-9m connector for connection to a cable to go to a GPS.  The pin connections on the DB-9m GPS connector are the same as the GPS side of a Goddard PS-5a power converter.  The cable also has 12V power leads for providing power to the E-04 and also providing 12V power to pins on the DB-9m connector for powering the GPS (if necessary).

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  • Brand: Goddard
  • Product Code: Goddard-Cable-E04-DB9m-LED-12V-0.3
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