• Goddard-Cable-ClearNav-PFLARMRJ45-Pwr-1

Cable, 1 m (3.281 feet), ClearNav Nexus Box to PowerFLARM RJ45 connector and 12V Power
For connecting a ClearNav Nexus box to a PowerFLARM Brick or PowerFLARM Portable's RJ45 port. The cable has red and black power leads for supplying 12V power to the PowerFLARM. A 6-conductor RJ connector plugs into the ClearNav's Nexus box and an RJ45 connector connects to the PowerFLARM Brick or Portable.

Be sure to power-up the FLARM before (or at the same time) you power-up the ClearNav so the ClearNav will see the data from the FLARM when it searches for data input.

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  • Brand: Goddard
  • Product Code: Goddard-Cable-ClearNav-PFLARMRJ45-Pwr-1
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