PowerFLARM Enable License for ADS-R and TIS-B Reception
This feature license will activate the reception of ADS-R and TIS-B rebroadcast services in the USA. Requires a PowerFLARM Core ADS-B (p/n FLAPFC11A or FLAPFC10A) or a PowerFLARM Portable (p/n FLAPFP24A or FLAPFP23A ). 

ADS-R and TIS-B reception is also available in PowerFLARM Fusion without the need for a feature license.

PowerFLARM Serial Number
To generate the license file, I'll need the full model number/serial number from your PowerFLARM.  It should look something like: FLAPFC11A-000333.  The serial number is printed on the end of the PowerFLARM Core - opposite the connectors.  It can also be found in the PFC00xxx.TXT diagnostic file that is automatically written to a USB flash drive that is connected to the PowerFLARM at power-up.  

Requires firmware version 7.03 or later.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a new configuration setting related to this feature.  The default setting appears to have both ADS-R and TIS-B turned-on (which is good), but I still recommend creating a new configuration file to make sure that this feature is properly and fully enabled.  To create a new configuration file, go to: https://flarm.com/support/tools-software/flarm-configuration-tool/

  • Rebroadcast services (US only) - Types of ground-based FAA rebroadcast service to process.
    • ADS-R and TIS-B (Default) (Recommended in the USA)
    • ADS-R only
    • TIS-B only
    • None (recommended outside the USA)

The license is provided in a small text file that permanently enables the ADS-R functionality in a particular PowerFLARM unit. I save backups of the enable files on my computer, but I recommend that you back it up too - just in case it is ever needed again.

More Information about ADS-R and TIS-B is available on the FLARM web site here: 

To enable the ADS-R functionality in your PowerFLARM:

  • Purchase this enable key - Your FLARM's hardware serial number (not the IGC serial number) is required when you order. You will receive an email with the enable file within a few hours. It is a very small text file.
  • Upgrade your PowerFLARM to the latest firmware version. This is an important step. The firmware is available at: https://flarm.com/support/firmware-updates/
  • Save the enable file to a USB flash drive (PowerFLARM Core) or microSD memory card (PowerFLARM Portable).
  • Plug the USB flash drive or microSD card into your PowerFLARM and power-up the PowerFLARM
  • Wait about 1 minute.
  • You can verify that the upgrade has been successful by looking at the contents of the "FLARMDEV.CSV" file that is saved to the USB flash drive or microSD memory card after the upgrade has been completed. The .CSV file can be opened in Notepad or Excel.
  • I also recommend creating and loading a new configuration file as mentioned above - with the ADS-R functionality enabled.

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