Franklin PS-1 "Texaco Eaglet" Sailplane Model Kit
Resin Model Kit
Scale: 1:72
Wing Span of Full Size Glider: 15.2 m (50 feet)
Wing Span: 21.1 cm (8.3 inches)
Length: ? cm (? inches)
Designed in the USA by R.E. and Wally Franklin in 1930.
The kit includes the complete airframe, glazed cockpit canopy, 1/72 scale plans, decals, and assembly and painting instructions.

Note: The kit refers to the glider as a PS-2, but other sources (see quote below) refer to it as the PS-1.  This glider was much larger than the PS-2 and had a 50 foot wingspan.  The PS-2 had a 36 foot wingspan.

The excellent book Sailplanes 1920 - 1945 by Martin Simons mentions this glider briefly. 

In the "Clio's Wings" quiz in Soaring magazine from November, 2008 Raul Blacksten states about this glider, "The Texaco Eaglet was the PS-1.  Originally the brothers simply called the glider "the big ship".  Being familiar with a Franklin glider that he flew in the Cleveland Air Races, when Captain Frank Hawks wanted a glider to aerotow across the U.S., he naturally came to the Franklins.  With the sponsorship of Texas Oil Company, Hawks acquired "the big ship" and this it flew into history with its more formal name, as the Franklin PS-1 Texaco Eaglet. The Eaglet, a little worse for wear, still exists in the National Air and Space Museum collection."

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