Schleicher Rhönbussard Sailplane Model Kit
Resin Model Kit
Scale: 1:72
Wing Span of Full Size Glider: 14.3 m (46.6 feet)
Wing Span: 19.9 cm (7.8 inches)
Length: 8.2 cm (3.2 inches)
Designed and built in Germany in 1933. It was a single seat medium performance glider.
The kit includes decals and assembly and painting instructions.

The excellent book Sailplanes 1920 - 1945 by Martin Simons includes an excellent write-up, photos and scale drawings of this glider.  A quote from the book, "Many gliding instructors felt the Rhönadler was too advanced for inexperienced pilots.  They required something better than the Grunau Baby but smaller and cheaper than the 'Adler.  Schleicher asked Jacobs to design a sailplane to fit this requirement.  The outcome in 1933 was the Rhönbussard."

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