Antenna, Transponder, Blade Style
This unit is a bit on the expensive side.  I recommend the RAMI-AV-74 instead.

Frequency: 950 to 1220 MHz (DME Band) and 1030-1090 MHz (Transponder Band)
Connector: BNC, female
Rated for 
400 Knots TAS at 25,000 ft.
Broadband and rugged antenna designed for DME or transponder use.
Antenna assembly encased in a glass reinforced polyester molded shell.
Standard two stud mounting configuration where the studs are extended to 0.41 inch in length.

Dimensions (See drawing at right)


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Comant - CI-105

  • Brands Comant
  • Product Code: CI-105
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  • $185.00

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