Digital Water Meter Kit - High Performance
This digital flowmeter kit makes it easy to precisely fill your glider's waterballast tanks to the desired volume.  It features a large, easy-to-read digital readout with a resolution of 0.1 gallon. The reset button can be used to zero the flowmeter before use.  It has a very simple one-button user interface. This is a complete kit - ready to use - just connect it to your standard 5/8" garden hose. The display automatically shuts off when not in use to conserve battery power.

Important Note: Like all flow meters of this type, it is only accurate with medium to high flow rates of 3 to 30 gallons/minute (10 to 100 Liters/minute). It does not work well with low flow rates.

I tested the flow meter and found that it was accurate within about 5%. During a recent test, I metered out 5 gallons and the meter read 5.1 gallons. It was very repeatable.

It is important to setup the unit as shown here with the water supply connected to the meter, then the valve, then at least 2 feet of output hose.

It is important that the shut-off valve is downstream (after) the water meter and that the water meter is full of water when volume measurement begins. Run water through it briefly and reset the counter before starting volume measurement.

Units: U.S. Gallons (see conversion table below for liters or Kg or pounds of water)

Note: Because the meter has pipe thread connections, it is not easy to avoid minor leaks. We use pipe thread tape to seal the connections as well as possible, but the units still drip a little. It does not affect the accuracy of the meter.

To zero the counter: Hold the button for about 3 seconds.


  • Water Meter
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Shut-off valve
  • 5 ft long 5/8" back-pressure hose (Can be cut down to as little as 2 feet and still have accurate measuring.)
  • Waterballast Conversion Tables

Not Included:

  • 5/8" garden hose from the water source to the meter

Waterballast Conversion Tables
This conversion table was created to make it easy to calculate the required number of gallons for a given number of liters, kg, or pounds of water.  I have done my best to make them as accurate as possible, but it is the pilot's responsibility to verify that they are correct and the glider is loaded properly.
Waterballast Conversion Tables

GPI Water Meter Manual

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Water Meter Kit-HP

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