Switch, Roller Lever
This is an inexpensive, very small switch with roller that can be used to sense the position of an airbrake or flap actuator or to sense that the landing gear is up or down and locked.  It can be wired as either normally-open (no current flow when not activated, current flow when activated) or normally-closed (current flow when not activated, no current flow when activated).  See dimensional drawing at right for wiring instructions.  The switch is also labeled near the connectors with "C" for common, "NO" for normally-open, and "NC" for normally-closed. The connectors on the bottom of the switch are "solder lugs" designed for soldering wires to.

Electrical Specifications:
• Rating: 5A/125VAC
• Insulation resistance: 100M½ > 500VDC
• Dielectric Strength: 500VAC for 1 minute
• Contact resistance: <50m½
• Life cycling (full load): 200,000 cycles

Mechanical Specifications:
• Switching timing: non-shorting
• Life cycling (no load): 1,000,000 cycles
• Operating temperature: -25°C ~ +80°C
• Operating force: 30g ± 10g
• Travel: .063 in

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