303 LCD Navigation Display

Cambridge Aero Instruments



The 303 Navigational Display is the perfect companion to the 302 DDV or the 302A Cambridge Flight Recorder.  It is a navigational display with task editing and declaration, wind speed and direction (302 only) and final glide functionality (302 only). The ability to select from a list of pilots makes it perfect for gliders with multiple pilots.  It's simple user-interface makes it ideal for new cross-country soaring pilots and pilots who don't fly as often as they'd like.


  • Differential final glide simply tells you how much (in feet or meters) you are above or below final glide for your destination (302 only - final glide data not available when connected to a 302A)
  • Task entry and Declaration
  • Simple arrow pointer steers you to your destination
  • Simple user-interface with up, down, left, right, Go and On buttons.
  • Active waypoint distance, bearing, and track are shown on the Home screen
  • Several wind speed and direction numbers are available (302 only - wind data is not available when connected to a 302A)
  • Receives MacCready setting and wind data from the 302.
  • Warnings from the 302 are displayed in clear text form: "Airbrakes Open", "Extend Landing Gear", and "Airspeed Too Low"
  • Waypoints can be selected from lists sorted by distance from current position, alphabetically, or ID#
  • Select from existing pilot names, or edit pilot name and preferences (goal height, etc.) - great for gliders with multiple pilots
  • Edit Water Ballast % and view wing loading
  • Edit Polar - great for gliders with multiple winglet options

303 Dimensions

2.6" (66 mm) height and width,
0.47" (12mm) in front of instrument panel
0.80" (20 mm) behind instrument panel
Fits standard 57 mm panel opening
0.35 lbs (0.15 Kg)

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