306 Vario Repeater

For use with 302 in a two-seat glider.  Includes cable for connecting CAF-306 to CAF-302. 

No Longer Available- Out of Production

If you are using 2 of the CAF-303 LCD Navigation Display units you will also need 2 of the CO-119 adapters and 2 of the CAA-134-1m RJ cables.  The cable that is included with the CAF-306 will be used between the 2 CO-119 units and the 2 CAA-134-1m cables that are included with the CAF-303 units will be used to connect the CAF-303 units to the 2 CO-119 adapters.  The 2 extra CAA-134-1m cables will be used to connect the CAF-302 and CAF-306 to the 2 CO-119 adapters.  See the connection diagram below.


  • CAF-306E, Units: Knots
  • CAF-306M, Units: m/s.

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