• The Joy of Soaring

The Joy of Soaring - A Training Manual
Author:  Carle Conway
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Book, Paperback Many black and white photos and illustrations, 154 pages, Revised edition published in 1989
Dimensions: 8.11 x 10.94 x 0.39 inches (206 x 278 x 10 mm)

This is a wonderful book.  It is published by the Soaring Society of America.

From the Jacket (from 1989)
The Joy of Soaring - A Training Manual, is the latest (as of 1989) in a long series of publications by the Soaring Society of America designed to promote not only enjoyment, but proficiency and safety in soaring activities.  It supplements the American Soaring Handbook, and the monthly magazine Soaring.  It is directed primarily to the student, whether he is new to aviation, or is an experienced power pilot making the transition to soaring flight.  Part I of this manual is devoted to teaching the beginner to fly a glider, and the rated power pilot to learn the differences between gliding and powered flight.  Part II tells how to use this knowledge to master the art of soaring and to experience the joy of real flying.  The text was prepared after a thorough study of instructional methods in use at soaring schools and clubs throughout the United States, and was reviewed by a group of the top soaring pilots instructors.  It is the most comprehensive and authoritative description of training techniques available to the beginner or experienced pilot.

Table of Contents
Part I - Gliding
1. The Introductory Flight
2. The Theory of Glider Flight
3. On the Ground
4. Practical Airwork
5. Aero Tow 
6. Ground Launch
7. The Traffic Pattern
8. Landing the Glider
9. Pre-Solo Considerations
10. First Solo
11. Glider Transition for Power Pilots
Part II - Soaring
12. Thermaling
13. Cross-Country
14. Using Other Lift Sources
15. Mountain Soaring
16. Transition to High Performance Sailplanes
17. Safety
18. Health Considerations
19 Glider Care
20. The Parachute

A. Calculating Speeds-to-Fly
B. Standard American Soaring Signals
C. International Soaring Awards
E. Suggested Reading List
F. Glossary

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The Joy of Soaring

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