• Soaring Cross Country

Soaring Cross Country
Authors:  Ed Byars and Bill Holbrook
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Book, Hard Cover, 192 pages, dozens of excellent black and white photos and illustrations
Copyright 1972
Dimensions: 5.71 x 9.0 x 0.83 inches (145 x 228 x 21 mm)
This is an excellent overview of cross-country soaring skills techniques.  Since it was published in 1974 some of the information about available gliders and instruments is a bit dated, but since most of the gliders mentioned are still good values as used gliders it is interesting reading.  This was the era of the Nimbus II, Cirrus, Libelle, and Schweizer 1-35.

Table of Contents

  • The Sport - How to Appreciate it
  • Pre-flight preparation for soaring cross-country
  • Soaring Weather Analysis
  • Task Selection
  • In-Flight Decisions
  • Landing Away
  • Crewing
  • Contest Soaring and Records
  • Instruments and Equipment
  • Sailplane Selection

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Soaring Cross Country

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