• Adapter-RJ45-DB9f

Adapter, RJ45 to DB-9f
This is a configurable adapter that can be used to connect the Oudie Power/data cable to a variety of soaring instruments.  One is included in the box with the Oudie.  Simply push the pins into the receptacles on the DB-9f connector and snap the connector into the housing.  Female RJ45 connector connects to the Oudie Power/data cable.DB-9f (female) connector for soaring instrument,

Important Note: Make sure the unused wires cannot short together.  Cutting them off is not good enough.  I recommend putting shrink tubing over the connectors on the unused pins.  That way they can't short and will be available for future use.

RJ45 to DB-9f Adapter Wiring

  • White or Grey wire (1): +12V
  • Brown wire (2): +12V
  • Yellow wire (3): not used
  • Green wire (4):  not used
  • Red wire (5): receive at Oudie
  • Black wire (6): transmit from Oudie
  • Orange wire (7): ground
  • Blue wire (8): ground

Connections to PC for use with Condor

Note: The 12V power leads on the cable must be powered.  Most current PCs don't have an RS-232 port, so a USB-to-Serial adapter is required.  I highly recommend the 
FTDI Chip USB Serial Adapter.  Most others I've tried don't work.
Note: The Oudie also has a built-in Bluetooth radio, so it may be possible to connect it to a Bluetooth enabled PC without any cables.

  • Black wire > Pin 2 (PC Receive, Oudie transmit)
  • Red wire > Pin 3 (PC Transmit, Oudie receive)
  • Orange wire > Pin 5 (ground)

Connections for LX5000 or LX7000 or DX50 (to wiring harness)

Note: The 12V power leads on the cable must be powered.  The soaring instrument does not provide 5V power for the Oudie.

  • Red wire > Pin 3 (GPS transmit, Oudie receive)
  • Black wire > Pin 2 (GPS receive, Oudie transmit)
  • Orange wire > Pin 5 (ground)

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