With its multiple variations our DG-1001 is currently the most flexible two seater on the market. The DG-1001Club neo stands
for a great entry-level sailplane for gliding clubs. It may serve for any purpose from basic instruction to advanced training and
even aerobatics. Our DG-1001S is the ultimate all-rounder not only for clubs, but also for ambitious cross country pilots.
With its 20m wingspan and an electric driven retractable gear it is ready for both: ambitious competition soaring or fun gliding
meant for all your club’s members. The DG-1001T will thanks to its sustainer always bring you back home, and in a DG-1001M
– the DG-1001 family’s flagship – you will be soaring independently, at any time.
DG-1001e neo
DG-1001Club neo
the smart way home
The ultimate Trainer
for your Club

The Allrounder
Sustainer Equipped






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