Charging Rates and Times
A standard overnight recharge is normally recommended for typical lead-acid batteries.  This is based on a C/10 charge rate.  (C=Ah capacity of your battery).  For example.  The recommended charge rate for a 7 Ah battery is 700 mA.  Battery manufacturers publish maximum in rush rates for their batteries. 

If a faster recharge time is required, the following formulas can be used to determine either the correct charge rate or the time required to recharge your battery to 90% of capacity.  The Ah rating of the battery x 1.2  divided by the charging circuit max current, equals the amount of time (in hours) required to recharge the battery to 90%. These times are based on a fully discharged battery.  For 100% recharging, add 3 hours "float" time to the charging time.  If the battery is only partially discharged, the recharge time will be shorter.

Recharge Time (hours) =

1.2 x Battery Capacity (Ah)
Charging Current max (Amps)

(add 3 hours for 100% charge)

The rule of thumb is approximate however and battery data from the manufacturer is the best way to determine the maximum charge rate for a given battery.  The 800 mA charger below has been "blessed" by the battery manufacturer for use with the 5 Ah and 7 Ah batteries on this page.



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