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    A very inexpensive, small and lightweight VHF aviation transceiver.  It is not a TSO'd unit.  It fits into a small 57mm (2 1/4") instrument hole.

    Customer Feedback
    I have heard back from several customers about this radio.  Their feedback was very positive. 


    • Inexpensive
    • Small size
    • Lightweight
    • Simple
    • Music input jack (mono)
    • Dual Frequency Display (Easy to enter new frequency in the standby line and the use the flip/flop button to swap the active and standby frequencies.)
    • 32 Memory Channels
    • PRI button - One button press to access a primary (user programmable) frequency such as 121.5 or your home airport.


    • Non-TSO - I think that means that it can be used in experimental aircraft, but not certificated aircraft.
    • The minimum input voltage of 11 VDC makes it questionable for use with a 12V glider battery.  However, 12V batteries normally charge to 13 or 14 V - so it may be OK.  A 14V battery is probably necessary (but I really don't like 14V systems because the 2V batteries don't last and it is difficult to find a good 14V charger.  The specifications state that the minimum voltage is 11.7 volts.  I told my dealer that 11.7 volts was a big problem for use with a glider battery and he said that the manufacturer said that it would operate down to 11 VDC.
    • High standby current of 300 mA (compared with 50 mA for a Dittel FSG 2T)
    • Does not work with dynamic microphones as supplied by Dittel, Becker, etc.  But it works well with the Peiker ME510-25in gooseneck electret microphone.

    1 Year Warranty


    • FL-760 Radio
    • DB-15f connector and backshell
    • Mounting screws
    • Manual

    Recommended Accessories

    Complete System
    Not including antenna


    Frequency range : 118.00 to 136.975MHz (Receive:108.00 to 136.975MHz)
    Channel spacing : 25kHz
    Mode : AM (6K00A3E)
    Number of memory channels : 32
    Acceptable power supply : 11.7 to 33 VDC (Negative ground only) NOTE: I told my dealer that 11.7 VDC is a problem with 12 VDC glider batteries and he said the manufacturer stated that it would operate down to 11 VDC.
    Usable temp. range : -20℃ to +60℃
    Frequency stability :+/- 5ppm
    Current drain : TX: 3A(max) RX 0.8A(max) Standby: 300mA
    Dimensions : W61 x H61 x D159 mm (2.40 x  2.40 x 6.26 inches)
    Weight : 430g/14.11oz
    Exposed dial face : 56.4mm 2 1/4.5 inches
    Certification: NOT TSO

    Output power : 5 W (carrier), 16W (pep)
    Modulation : small stage modulation
    Modulation limiting : 70 to 100%
    Audio harmonics distortion : Less than 15% (at 85% modulation)
    Hum and noise ratio : More than 40dB
    Spurious emissions : -16dBm or less
    Antenna impedance : 50Ω

    Receive system : Double conversion superheterodyne
    Intermediate frequency : 1st : 38.85MHz (Upper) 2nd : 450kHz (Lower)
    Sensitivity (at 6dB S/N) : Less than 1uV
    Squelch sensitivity : 0.5uV (Threshold)
    Selectivity : More than ±8kHz (at 6dB), Less than ±25kHz (at 60dB)
    Spurious response rejection : More than 60dB
    Audio output power : More than 4W (at 4Ω)
    Side tone : More than 100mW (at 600Ω)
    Hum and noise : More than 30dB
    Audio output impedance : Ext. SP 4Ω (4 to 8Ω), Side tone 600Ω


    Wiring Diagram
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