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Heritage Aviation Models Ltd. is located in Lincolnshire, England.  They make some nice resin scale glider model kits.  They are in the 1:48 scale range which makes them a bit smaller than the Revell models, but much larger than the 1:72 scale kits from Czech Master Resins and others.

Note: These are Resin Kits.  On each box it states "For Experienced Modelers". 

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Resin Kit
These kits are all resin kits - not plastic kits.  Sometimes referred to as "Garage Kits". This term has been coined to represent the fringe of the model kit manufacturing community (generally individuals) who produce kits (yes, sometimes in their garage!) that number in dozens, rather than the hundreds or thousands or millions that constitute the bulk of consumer-oriented commercial model kits sold at regular retail outlets.  Instead of being molded with hot plastic as injection-molded and vacuum-formed kits are, resin kits are made from liquid urethane or polyester resins poured into silicone rubber molds.   The kits on this page are all made using a two-part polyester resin.  The liquid resin sets after a few minutes, and the molds are separated to release the parts. Resin kits usually are of subjects that are not available in injection-molded kits, and they can be expensive. You must use super glue (also called cyanoacrylate or "CA") or epoxy to build resin kits - not plastic model glue.  All the model kits on this page are resin kits.  Note that some of these kits are of lower detail and quality than the plastic injection molded model kits.  Resin kits are also generally more expensive and more difficult to build.  See: A Resin Model Kit Primer



Grunau Baby 2 Sailplane Model KitResin Model KitScale: 1:48Wing Span of Full Size Glider: 13.57..


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