How to Order

Thank you for visiting my web site.  I appreciate your business.  I will do my best to support you well. 

My web site provides you with a rough estimate of the shipping costs, but does not show shipping insurance and handling fees.  I will personally process your order to make sure everything is complete and correct.  Once the items are packaged and actual shipping, insurance, and handling costs have been calculated, we'll email the final PDF invoice to you along with payment instructions.  Let me know If the shipping, insurance, and handling costs are not acceptable, and I will cancel the order.  For returning customers we usually ship the items immediately with the assumption that you will pay promptly.  For new customers we require payment before shipment.

Payment Options for Customers in the USA

  • Venmo - Easiest Option - Highly Recommended - Send to: Paul-Remde, Use the Venmo app on your phone or go to
  • Zelle - This option uses your bank's web site, so you don't need to share any account data. Please use Zelle send to my Wells Fargo account xxxxxxx978. If that's not an option, please use Zelle to send to
  • ApplePay - Text to 1-952-445-8027
  • Google Pay - Send to:
  • Facebook Messenger - Send to: Paul Remde
  • Cash App - Use the Cash App application on your phone.  Send to $PaulRemde
  • PopMoney - Send to:
  • Check - Mail a check to me or use your bank's online payment service to send payment.
  • ACH Online Check - QuickBooks Payments - I am charged $3 for each payment, so this is not a good option for small orders.  Use the blue "View and Pay Invoice" button in the email to which the final invoice will be attached.
  • Credit Card - QuickBooks Payments - I am charged a 3.5% fee for credit card payments - so this is an expensive option for large orders.  I pay tens of thousands of dollars every year in credit card fees - that has a huge impact on my small business's profit.  Use the blue "View and Pay Invoice" button in the email to which the final invoice will be attached.

Payment Options for Customers Outside the USA

  • Credit Card - QuickBooks Payments - Use the blue "View and Pay Invoice" button in the email to which the final invoice will be attached.
  • or - These excellent payment services work like an international wire transfer, but they use their U.S. office to make a local transfer into my account without any bank fees. I use to pay all my international vendors.
  • Bank Wire Transfer - Please do NOT use your bank to send an international bank wire transfer. They incur large bank fees from my bank, even if your bank promises that there will be no fees. 

Note: PayPal is NOT a good option because it is very expensive for small businesses like mine.  If necessary, I can use PayPal, but I would need to charge you an extra 10% to cover the fees.

Handling Charges
I charge a $5 handling fee ($7 to $9 for international orders) for all orders on which the items total less than $100 with items that ship. I don't charge handing charges for software license purchases.  I hope it does not discourage you from doing business with me.  It is used to help pay my shipping assistant. The $5 handling fee really stings when you order a $3 item, but please remember that it takes just as long to process, package and ship a $3 item as a $500 item - and we get many orders for $3 to $30 items.  I do work hard to do a good job of supporting the soaring community. I hope you will take that into account when you see the fee on the invoice.  Some have suggested that I simply raise the price of the low cost items by $5, but that would be expensive for customers that order multiple low cost items.

Best Regards,

Paul Remde
Cumulus Soaring, Inc.