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  • Condor2 web site
  • Condor2 Downloads
  • Condor2 Manual - Click on the small PDF icon at the top-right of the page to view and download and print the entire manual as a PDF file.
  • Condor2 News
  • Condor2 Forums
  • Scott Manly's - Simulation-based Glider Flight Education - - dedicated to the use of simulation in soaring instruction
  • Simon Stannard's
    • Provide online gliding lessons to solo standard.
    • Allow users to download these as Flight School lessons for use in Condor2.
  • CondorWorld - Quality, highly detailed handmade commercial landscapes with 3D objects for Condor 1 and Condor 2
  • Condor.Club - The world's best resource for landscapes for Condor users.
    • Tip #1: Use the free "Condor Updater" application to select, download, and automatically install Condor landscapes in the correct directories.  Don't try to download landscapes manually, it is difficult to do correctly.  
      Link to Landscapes page with "Condor Updater" link:
    • Tip #2: Link to map of available Condor landscapes.
    • Tip #3: But the optional "Premium" membership. It's only about $15/year.  You'll be helping the site creators pay for the extremely huge amount of storage and download bandwidth necessary for the very large landscape files.  Also, I think download speeds are limited for those that aren't Premium members.  You'll be able to download landscapes much faster if you buy a membership.  
  • Soaring Tools - Tools for developing landscapes for Condor2.
  • CondorUTIll - Marc Till's excellent Condor utilities
  • Monday Night Soaring Contest - USA, Europe and "Pacific" - Several contests at times that work for U.S. pilots
  • - Nightly online Condor simulator contests with downloadable scenery - USA
  • Sceneries are also available at:  For the U.S. they offer sites in central Florida, the Pennsylvania ridges, New Mexico, Appalachia, Montana (Glacier Park), Sierra Nevada, Mifflin, PA, Rio Grande (Texas and Mexico), the Pacific Northwest, and several others.
  • Post Frontal


Online Condor2 Manual - Click on the small PDF icon at the top-right of the page to view and download and print the entire manual as a PDF file.

*** The documents below were written for the original version of Condor - not Condor2. However, they are about 95% accurate for Condor2.

 - by Paul Remde

Condor Orientation - by Scott Manley
Getting Started with Condor Soaring Simulator
 - by Frank Paynter

Condor Corner Articles
Frank Paynter and Scott Manley are writing an excellent column for Soaring magazine called Condor Corner.   Many of their articles are available here:
CondorCorner-2010-04.pdf - An Introduction to Condor Corner and Condor, by Frank Paynter and Scott Manley
CondorCorner-2010-05.pdf - What’s the problem? (Airplanes make lousy classrooms, Classrooms make lousy aircraft), by Scott Manley
CondorCorner-2010-07.pdf - Condor as a Competition Trainer, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2010-08.pdf - Why Glider Flight Simulation?, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2010-09.pdf - Parowan, Utah and Condor, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2010-10.pdf - Glider Flight Simulation and the Curriculum, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2010-11.pdf - Setting up and flying a short cross-country flight, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2010-12.pdf - Features, Tips & Tricks - Round 1, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2011-01.pdf - Using SeeYou on the PC to evaluate your Condor flight, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2011-02.pdf - Features, Tips & Tricks - Round 2, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2011-03.pdf - Cross-Country Instruction the Condor Way, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2011-04.pdf - Features, Tips & Tricks - Round 3, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2011-05.pdf - Installing Sceneries, Online Racing, and PDA Basics, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2011-06.pdf - Features, Tips & Tricks - Round 4, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2011-07.pdf - Flying the Logan Scenery with B4, by Frank Paynter and Bruno Vassel IV
CondorCorner-2011-08.pdf - Frequently Asked Questions, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2011-09.pdf - Cross-Country Mentoring in Condor, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2011-10.pdf - Glider Flight Instruction at a Distance, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2011-11-Oudie.pdf, CondorCorner-2011-11-SoarPilot.pdf,, Mifflin_90m_AAT.igc, mifflin_90mi_AAT.fpl - Using an External PDA with Condor - by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2011-12.pdf - Attaining / Regaining / Maintaining your Proficiency, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2012-01.pdf - Online cross-country contest flying in Condor, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2012-02.pdf - Simulation-based Flight Instruction at Clubs and Commercial Operations, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2012-03.pdf - First Annual In-Person Condor Regional Soaring Contest, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2012-04.pdf - Using Glider Flight Simulation to Promote the Sport of Soaring
, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2012-05.pdf - Cross-Country Soaring Training using Condor , by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2012-06.pdf - The Winter Crop, by Scott Manley - CFIG

CondorCorner-2012-07.pdf - Review of NaturalPoint’s TrackIR head motion sensor for use in the Condor simulator, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2012-08.pdf - Potpourri, by Scott Manley - CFIG

CondorCorner-2012-09.pdf - Cross-Country Training Program for Condor, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2012-10.pdf, CondorCorner-2012-10-KidVenture-Statistics-Spreadsheet.xls - Oshkosh – KidVenture 2012, by Scott Manley - CFIG
 - A Tale of Two First-Real-Life (RL)-Contest Winners, by Frank Paynter (TA)
 - Condor Christmas Buying Guide, by Frank Paynter (TA) and Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2013-01.pdf - Winch Training Preparation, by Scott Manley - CFIG

CondorCorner-2013-02.pdf - Team Flying in Condor with TA & BZ, by Frank Paynter (TA) and John MIttell (BZ)
CondorCorner-2013-03.pdf - Potpourri - II, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2013-04.pdf - Condor XC Training Program Report, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2013-05.pdf - Teaching Yourself to Fly Gliders, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2013-06.pdf - Condor for WGC Training and Area Familiarization, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2013-07.pdf - Condor Flight School & Scenario-based Training, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2013-08.pdf - Learning from Your Own Fatal Mistakes, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2013-09.pdf - More Simulation-based Options for the Self-Directed Glider Rating Candidate, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2013-10.pdf - Condor Scenery Creation, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2013-11.pdf - KidVenture 2013 & My Condor Story, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2013-12.pdf - Condor Cross-Country Training Program Redux, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2014-01.pdf - Ralph S. Barnaby Lecture, Nyal’s Squib, My Condor Story, Reno 2014, by Scott Manley - CFIG, Nyal Williams – CFIG, David Fisichella – Condor cyber / real life glider student pilot
CondorCorner-2014-02.pdf - Condor Competition Review, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2014-03.pdf - A Major Break-though – Nyal’s Squib – My Condor Story, by Scott Manley - CFIG, Nyal Williams – CFIG, John Duke – Private Pilot Glider – Texas Soaring Association
CondorCorner-2014-04.pdf - Natural Point Track IR5 Pro Configuration, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2014-05.pdf - SSA Reno 2014 + My Condor Story, by Scott Manley - CFIG, Mario Gerhardt – CFIG
CondorCorner-2014-06.pdf - The Condor Cross Country Soaring Center, by Frank Paynter (TA)

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