• LX-ColibriII-Pwr-Data

Colibri II Power and Data Adapter
The adapter is not included with the Colibri II, but it is a very important accessory. You power the adapter with 12V from your glider's 12V power system and it powers the Colibri II with 5V power through the Colibri II's mini-USB connector. It also has a built-in serial voltage adapter to convert the Colibri II's low-voltage serial data to standard RS-232 serial data levels. A standard USB to mini-USB cable (not included with this adapter but included with the Colibri II) is used to connect the adapter to the Colibri II. The 6-pin RJ port on the adapter follows the IGC standard and has the same connections as the original Colibri. Cables that connected to an original Colibri can be connected directly to this adapter.
Input: 12V, Output: 5V, 
Includes built-in serial data voltage level converter.

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  • Product Code: LX-ColibriII-Pwr-Data
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