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This page is for announcing the accomplishments and fun flights of local soaring pilots.  Items listed here include: first solos, new ratings, badge flights, record flights, just-for-fun long flights, etc.  It's just fun to see how many great flights are done from Minnesota.

I'm sure that I am missing many accomplishments in the list below. 

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Accomplishments - 1999
Date Pilot Glider Description Write-up
Oct. 11, '99 Red Haines Ka-7 Passed C.F.I.G. at Stanton Airport
Sept. 29, '99 Nile McAdams Blanik L23 Silver Altitude Gain (3,281 ft, 1000 m), flying from Benson Airport
Sept. 29, '99 Dick Huber Pilatus Silver Altitude Gain (3,281 ft, 1000 m), flying from Benson Airport
Sept. 29, '99 Don Ingraham Discus CS 200K triangle at 54.19 mph.
No ballast, so it should be a Standard, 15M and Sports Class record.
Sept. 29, '99 Chris Cooper Schweizer 1-35c First Cross Country and Silver Distance, Stanton to Caledonia, 100sm and Silver Altitude Gain
Sept. 29, '99 Kathleen Winters Schweizer 1-26 Stanton to Boscobel WI, 149.40 miles
Sept. 25, '99 Danny Whitt ASK-21 First Solo
Sept. , '99 Tom Rent First 5 hour duration flight
Sept. 16, '99 Jim Hard Schweizer 1-26 Stanton-Dodge Center-Waseca-Stanton, 107.37 mile triangle
Sept. 16, '99 Red Haines Achieved his Commercial Glider rating
Sept. 4, '99 Bill Schuessler Achieved his Private Glider rating
Sept. 4, '99 Dick Huber Achieved his Private Glider rating
Aug 8, '99 Jim Hard Schweizer 1-26 Benson's to Mondovi, WI and return, 151.00 mile O&R
July 17, '99 Jim Hard Schweizer 1-26 Delbert flight from Benson to Stanton on a very, weak day.
July 10, '99 Kathleen Winters Schweizer 1-26 Stanton to Ames Iowa, 180 miles
July 10, '99 Don Ingraham Discus CS 606 km (375 mile) triangle - Almost!
Check out the excellent write-up! -->
July 10, '99 Tom Kuhfeld PW-5 Delbert Flight from Stanton to Benson tomkdelbert.txt
June 29, '99 Jim Hard Schweizer 1-26 Stanton to Clintonville WI, 211.20 miles to a goal
June 27, '99 Debra Smith ASK-21 First Solo, Stanton Airport
June 25, '99 Chris Cooper Schweizer 1-35c Altitude Gain leg for Silver Badge, 1000 m (3,281 ft)
June 24, '99 Tom Kuhfeld PW-5 Silver Distance, 32.91 miles (52.96 km), Stanton Airport to Dodge Center Airport tom_kuhfeld_silver.txt
June 23, '99 Kathleen Winters Schweizer 1-26 Bottineau ND to Hallock MN, 153.14 miles
June 19, '99 Dan Smith ASK-21 First Solo, Stanton Airport
June 17, '99 Don Ingraham Discus CS From Faribault MN, 314.59 mile (506.26 km) triangle flight.  Current leader in Hilton Cup, several MN State Soaring Records (15m & Standard Class Triangular Distance, 15m & Standard Class Speed around a 500 km triangle) dons_506km.txt
May 26, '99 Tom Kuhfeld PW-5 From Stanton, MN, 5 hour duration and 1,000 meter (3,281 feet) gain toward Silver Badge (actual gain of 1,300 meters)
???, '99 Steve Adkins ??? Silver Altitude?, Stanton Airport
May 24, '99 Kathleen Winters Schweizer 1-26 From Stanton, MN  to Bloomfield, Iowa, 263 miles, New Minnesota State feminine distance record (paperwork submitted)
May 18, '99 Jim Hard Schweizer 1-26 From  Osceola, WI to Ft. Atkinson, WI, 251 miles, New Wisconsin State records for straight distance in the following categories: sports class, 15m and standard. (records approved)
May 3, '99 Chris Cooper L-23 Super Blanik Achieved his Commercial Glider rating.  Flying out of Faribault Airport.


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