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New Web site
Please go to: www.mnsoaringclub.com

Please use the new web site at www.mnsoaringclub.com from now on.  This web you are looking at now at www.soarmn.com/msc is being phased out.  The data and pages will remain on this soarmn.com/msc site for several months and will then be deleted.  Please contact Brian Utley if you have suggestions for improving the site at mnsoaring.com. 

Founded in 1959, the Minnesota Soaring Club is a group of about 100 people who have joined together to own and operate soaring equipment, conduct soaring flights, and share the unique experiences of soaring. The club is based at Stanton Airfield in Stanton, Minnesota.

For More Information
If you are interested in finding out more about the MSC please contact Steve Metz at 651-644-5071 or
Click to email Steve.

If you are interested in joining the club, please review the information on the Application page and contact one of us as soon as possible. We will put your name and information on our waiting list, and get in touch with you to outline your status and our recommendations.  If you would like a club brochure you can download the MSC Brochure.


2007 Albert Lea Soaring Contest
We hope you can join us for the biggest and best soaring contest in Minnesota history to be held at the Albert Lea Airport in May and June of 2007.  We are hosting the U.S. Open and 18 m Class Nationals and the U.S. Region 7 Sports Class contest.  - More Information

Minnesota Soaring Tasks and Waypoints
This page has been updated with many soaring tasks for Faribault, Osceola and Stanton.  The tasks are available as PDF files that are great for printing and bringing to the airport.  Minnesota Soaring Tasks and Waypoints

Minnesota Soaring Achievement Contest
Announcing a new state-wide soaring contest: The Minnesota Soaring Achievement Contest (MSAC). This new year-long contest is designed to create excitement and competition among both beginning and experienced cross-country soaring pilots in our region, plus foster and promote the development of advanced soaring skills. We've based the MSAC on the current British Gliding Association's National Ladder competition, a very successful *fun* competition in the UK. The intention of both the BGA and the MSAC contest is to be a complete test of pilot skills, which includes: Understanding weather, identifying suitable task areas, understanding local topography and its soaring potential, skill in glider handling and understanding cross-country tactics. A premium is awarded for flying ambitious declared tasks, and glider performance is handicapped, of course. Details are available here.

Glider Scales
A group of MN soaring pilots donated enough money to purchase a set of very nice aircraft scales which are available for use by all MN soaring pilots.  For more information go here.

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