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The Delbert Trophy

What is it?
The Delbert Trophy is a traveling trophy which can be claimed by flying a sailplane between Stanton Airport (home of the Minnesota Soaring Club) and Osceola Airport (home of the Red Wing Soaring Club).  Flights made before 2006 were made between Benson Airport and Stanton.

The flight would be about 59.8 miles if you could fly directly between the airports, but you must fly around the controlled airspace surrounding the Minneapolis airport, so the actual distance flown is more like 75 miles. 

After members of a club make the flight to claim the trophy, members of the other club know that they have been challenged to come and claim the trophy back.

Photos of Delbert Trophy

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Club currently in possession of the Delbert:
Red Wing Soaring Association

Delbert Flight Details

The file below shows details (distance, headings, etc.) for one route around the Class B airspace between Stanton and Benson.  It includes a map showing the rings of the Class B airspace.  The route shown goes from Stanton to River Falls, WI to Benson.

Delbert Flight Month Analysis
This is an interesting analysis on the months in which Delbert flights were done.  It is notable that flights have occurred in every month from April to October.  Thank you Dick Huber for Compiling the data!
DELBERT flights.pdf

Delbert Flights
Date Name Sailplane Direction Description Flight Log Photos
June 24, '89 Jim Hard Schweizer 1-26 Stanton -> Benson      
Aug. 5, '90 Les Stordalen Pilatus B4 Benson -> Stanton    
Aug. 6, '90 Bob Wander Pilatus B4 Stanton -> Benson    
July 8, '91 Bob Wander Woodstock Benson -> Stanton    
Oct. 12, '91 Steve Metz DG-101G Stanton -> Benson    
June 12, '92 Ray Schroeder Pilatus B4 Benson -> Stanton    
June 13, '92 Stephen Nesser Ka-8 Stanton -> Benson    
June 26, '92 Bob Schroeder
& Les Stordalen
Blanik L-13 Benson -> Stanton    
Bob Lockman
& Tim Yarrow
Blanik L-13
Tom Curran Pilatus B4
May 10, '94 Dick Andrews Ka-6e Stanton -> Benson    
?-?-?? Les Stordalen Pilatus B4 Benson -> Stanton    
May 29, '95 Dick Andrews K-6e Stanton -> Benson    
Sept. 15, '95 Les Stordalen Pilatus B4 Benson -> Stanton    
Sept. 17,'95 Jim Cunningham K-6e Stanton -> Benson    
Sept. 10, '97 Dave Ryhti RS-15 Benson -> Stanton    
Sept. 11, '97 Jim Cunningham K-6e Stanton -> Benson    
July 23, '98 Tom Curran Pilatus B4 Benson -> Stanton    
Aug. 30, '98 Steve Metz DG-101 Stanton -> Benson    
Paul Remde Schweizer 1-35c delbert_8-30-98.txt    
Sept. 27, '98 Kathleen Winters Schweizer 1-26 Benson -> Stanton delbert_diehard.txt    
July 10, '99 Tom Kuhfeld PW-5 Stanton -> Benson tomkdelbert.txt    
July 17, '99 Jim Hard Schweizer 1-26A Benson -> Stanton    
April 8, '00 Dick Andrews Ventus B, 17.5m Stanton -> Benson    
June 8, '00 Alan Benfell PIK-20B Benson -> Stanton    
May, 5, '03 Stephen Nesser KA-8 Stanton -> Benson    
May 23, '03 Dick Huber Ka-6E Benson -> Stanton    
Sept. 1, '03 Tom Kuhfeld PW-5 Stanton -> Benson    
Sept. 4, '03 Jim Hard Schweizer 1-26A Benson -> Stanton    
July 29, '07 Dick Andrews, Fred Hewitt
Tom Kuhfeld
Stanton ->Osceola Delbert-2007-07-29.pdf    
April 27, 2008 Chris Prince SGS 1-35 Osceola -> Stanton 95.6 OLC Classic miles, Bob Lee towed, and with Walt Johnson crewing, we retrieved the Delbert trophy. Or 1/2 of it! We only came away with one of the two plaques. Could it be that the Stanton club was reluctant to part with the trophy? :). A storm front forced me to land at Stanton, my original plan had been a combo of Triple Crown and Delbert. Photographic evidence of the flight was provided by Marilyn Meline. OLC Details

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