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I offer 2 brands of very high quality polyethylene gap seal tape.  The 3M brand is known for its high quality and clean removal.  The Bowlus tape has a reputation for lasting the longest due to UV protection built into the tape.  The Bowlus tape is also a brighter white color than the 3M tape.  I stock the Bowlus tape in a wider variety of widths and colors.

Important Safety Note: "Gap Seal Tape" is Not Designed for Use on Control Surfaces
This stretchy plastic tape is perfect for use sealing fixed gaps - such as the gap between the wing and fuselage.  I do not recommend using it on control surfaces such as the gap between the wing and aileron or the fin and rudder, or the horizontal stabilizer and elevator.  Plastic tape will shrink over time and especially when it gets hot in the sun.  If it is connected to a control surface it may contract over time and not allow full travel of the control surface.  Or as it gets tight it may pull off as it is stretched by the control surface - which could lead to high drag or reduced control of the aircraft as the tape flaps in the wind or changes the airflow over the control surface.  Using plastic tape secured on both sides of a control surface gap is unsafe and may be an illegal modification to the aircraft.

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3M 483 polyethylene gap seal tape
Bowlus Maxi-Tape Bowlus Maxi gap seal tape  

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