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StrePla and pocket*StrePla
Software for Cross-Country Soaring Flight Planning, Execution, and Analysis

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Task Planning
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Task Declarations and
Flight Log Downloads
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Replay and Analysis
using StrePla on a PC

StrePla and pocket*StrePla are extremely powerful software programs for soaring pilots.  StrePla for the PC can be used for pre-flight route planning and post flight analysis and replay.  pocket*StrePla for the Pocket PC is for use in flight and includes detailed moving maps, final glide information, and real-time task optimization.  See the overview of unique features below or go to StrePla or pocket*StrePla pages for complete details.  The Maps page gives a detailed overview of the wide variety of digital maps available in StrePla and pocket*StrePla.  The Tips & FAQs page includes system requirements, start-up tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

New in Version 5.1 - Google Earth View Within StrePla
Version 5.1 features a very cool new view.  A Google Earth view is opened within StrePla.  It is very interesting flying through your flights over the extremely detailed maps available in Google Earth.  You can't view the glider from outside the cockpit, but it is extremely cool to be able to see the runway, airport buildings and other details. It really "takes you back" and makes re-living the flight a 3D reality.

Unique Features - StrePla
I believe all the features below are unique to StrePla.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • US Sectional Charts
    Raster maps (bitmaps) are available free of charge of all US Sectional Aeronautical Charts.  For details see the Maps page.  These look fantastic when projected onto mountainous terrain in the 3D flight review.
  • Task Details Stored with Flight Logs
    We fly many different types of soaring tasks in contests than we do when flying for badges and records.  Rather than having the task details (start and finish types, turnpoint types, etc.) stored in the overall settings area, they are stored with each flight log.  After you setup the task details for a given flight log they are retained and reused every time you view that flight log.
  • Sailplane Models
    The latest version of StrePla allows you to select from many 3D models of sailplanes to be displayed in the 3D flight review.  Details are available here: Sailplane Models

  • Analog Instrument Gauges
    When reviewing a flight StrePla can display round analog gauges which simulate the Airspeed, Altimeter, Vario and Clock instruments in a glider.  As the 3D model of the glider climbs in a thermal you can watch the vario needle climb.
  • Map Management Window
    Rather than downloading dozens of maps one at a time and try to remember where you installed them on your PC, simply us StrePla's Map Management window. 

Unique Features - pocket*StrePla

  • All Maps from StrePla are Available in Pocket StrePla
    • Raster maps (bitmaps) are available free of charge of all US Sectional Aeronautical Charts.
    • Vector maps (line drawings) show cities, lakes, rivers, roads and topographical data
    • Satellite Image maps
  • In-flight Optimization
    This unique feature is very nice if you like to fly "free" (non-declared) tasks for records or the Online Contest.  As you fly a triangle flight the software automatically displays a region in which the 2nd turnpoint must be made to assure a valid triangle with no leg less than 28% of the total distance.  For the Online Contest it displays the achieved free distance and updates it as you fly.
  • Data Display Thumbnails
    pocket*StrePla offers allows you to configure which of the small data "Thumbnails" to display on the map.  You can configure 3 different collections of thumbnails and quickly toggle between them by touching the top left of the map screen.
  • Easy File Transfer with StrePla
    StrePla (on a PC) offers a very nice menu for transferring data to and from pocket*StrePla on a Pocket PC.  The Extras/pocketStrePla menu allows you to send maps, turnpoints, an SUA data to the Pocket PC, transfer flight logs from the Pocket PC to the PC, copy the pocket*StrePla program or license to the Pocket PC, or run even run a pocket*StrePla simulator on the PC.
  • The program can be started from the memory card. This is very important, since all PDA's "forget" everything if they have not been charged for 2 weeks. Three clicks, and pocket*StrePla will be installed anew from the memory card.

StrePla Mailing List/Discussion Group
Due to requests by customers, I have created a StrePla User's Group on Yahoo.  It is an automated e-mail list/discussion group for users of StrePla and pocket*StrePla.  New members must be approved by me, so junk e-mail should not be a problem.  If you prefer you can use it as a discussion group such that you will not receive any e-mails, but will need to go to the web site to check for new messages.  To use it as a discussion group you must change your preferences so that you don't receive e-mails.  I will still maintain my own separate StrePla e-mail list of all customers.  This new group is an optional way for users to help each other with technical questions and to discuss ideas for new features for StrePla or pocket*StrePla.  The group is open to current StrePla or pocket*StrePla users or people who are interested in learning more before buying.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/strepla/

Cumulus Soaring, Inc. Email Newsletter
If you prefer not to receive e-mails from other StrePla users but do want to learn about new software releases, please sign-up now for the free Cumulus Soaring, Inc. Email Newsletter by clicking on the link below.  The newsletter will provide timely information on new soaring products and services, new software version releases, special offers, and soaring news from around the world.  You can select from several e-mail lists - including a StrePla & pocket*StrePla User's list.  I am using a very reputable e-mail marketing service called Constant Contact, so your data will be safe, and you can opt out at any time.  I promise to limit the frequency of the newsletters to a maximum of 1 or 2 each month (probably less). 

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New USA Airport Data File
There is a new US airport data file available on the Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange.  It includes all the public and private airports in the USA.  The data comes from files provided by the F.A.A. and the data is very accurate and current.  You can access the data file here:
To open the file follow the steps below.

  • Right-click on the left most icon for the StrePla data and select "Save Target As..." from the pop-up menu.
  • Save the file on your PC.  I save all my waypoint files in the My Documents/Waypoints directory.
  • Open the waypoint file in StrePla using the File/Open/Waypoints menu.
  • The file is large so you may want to select a region of airports in your area and save them into new file.

Try it for 30 Days - Free
Try StrePla for 30 days free of charge.  The installation download includes a demo version of pocket*StrePla.  For more information please see the Downloads page.

What does the product name "StePla" stand for?
"StrePla" is short for the German phrase "Streckenflug Planung" which means "planning of cross country flights".  StrePla is developed in Germany where it enjoys a strong market lead over competitive products. 

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