Windborn - A Journey into Flight (Lucy Learns to Fly) and Champions of the Wave
DVD, Format: NTSC, Duration: 110 minutes, Released in ~1998
These 2 titles (formerly available as 2 VHS videos) have now been combined into a single DVD.
Produced by John Roake

Windborn - A Journey into Flight
Have you ever dreamed of flying, soaring high above land, free as a bird?  Teenager Lucy Wills did, and this is her story.  With her father Gavin as her guide and instructor, Lucy makes her first nervous flights through to her long-dreamed-of first solo as a glider pilot.  We also join Lucy, her father and uncle as they attempt an historic flight which begins at New Zealand's highest peak, Mount Cook, and ends in rugged and spectacular Fiordland.  It is a journey that is not only dangerous and challenging but also one of great beauty. 

Champions of the Wave
Omarama, New Zealand, is one of the best gliding locations in the world.  Here a unique weather condition forms, know as 'The Wave', attracting glider pilots from around the world who come to challenge this famous and thrilling phenomenon, in the World Gliding Championships.  With cameras mounted inside and outside the gliders, we take viewers with these pilots as they soar over the Southern Alps at speeds up to 300 kilometers per hour (186 mph).  The battle is on to determine who will become the Champions of the Wave.

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Windborn - A Journey into Flight (Lucy Learns to Fly) and Champions of the Wave

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