Tow Bar
This is a great accessory designed to help make it easy to safely tow your assembled glider out to the flight line. The flat tail-dolly plate mounts to your existing tail-dolly - between the swiveling pneumatic wheel and the fiberglass part that clamps around the glider's tailboom.

The bar is made from 3 hollow square steel tubing pieces that fit inside each other - like a collapsible telescope. When the bar parts are slid fully inside one another the assembly is short - to fit easily into your car or glider trailer. When fully extended, it is long enough to provide ample clearance between the car's trailer hitch and the sailplane's rudder. Spring-loaded discs snap into holes in the tubing - locking the system at its full length. Push-in the discs to allow the system to be collapsed to its minimum length.

It is a very rugged system - designed to never damage your sailplane.

It has a built-in handle for easy carrying.

A plug-in tail lifting adapter is also included to make it easy to lift the tail of the glider so you can put-on the tail-dolly without the need for heavy lifting.

It can be supplied with hitch adapter for 1 7/8" ball or 2" ball. The ball diameter is usually stamped into the top of the ball. You can select the desired option at check-out.

The tow bar is connected to the tail-dolly plate by sliding the 28 mm diameter steel rod into the hollow part of the tail-dolly plate. The hitch-end of the tow bar should be lifted up when inserting the rod to allow the securing pin to fit into the provided slot. When fully inserted, rotate the hitch-end of the tow bar down into normal trailering position. That step moves the securing pin into another slot which securely connects the tow bar to the tail-dolly plate. After use, lift the hitch-end of the tow bar and slide the rod out of the tail-dolly plate. It is very intuitive - much easier to do than to explain. The clever design makes connection and removal fast and easy - without the need for any pins or tools.

The price includes free shipping from Slovenia, directly to you.


  • Max. Length: 205 cm (80.7 inches)
  • Min. Length: 100 cm (39.4 inches)
  • Tail-Dolly Plate Dimensions: 110 x 190 x 5 mm (4.33 x 7.5 x 0.2 inches)
  • Tail-Dolly Plate Hole Diameter: 28 mm (1.1 inches)
  • Weight of tow bar only: 8.26 kg (18.2 pounds)
  • Weight of tail-dolly plate: 1.10 kg (2.4 pounds)
  • Weight of tail-lifting adapter: 1.59 kg (3.5 pounds)
  • Total Weight: 10.93 kg (24.1 pounds)

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  • Brands SoaringXX
  • Product Code: SX-Tow-Bar
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  • $495.00

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