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Compaq Aero 1500 Pocket PC - Used
I have purchased a few of these classic and valuable Pocket PCs from customers that traded up to other devices.  Many glider pilots still love this old PDA because its black and white display is easier to read in sunlight than newer color PDAs.  Glide Navigator II soaring flight software runs great on it.  All the units have been thoroughly tested and approved by Cumulus Soaring, Inc.

Let me know if you have any good, used power/data cables or cradles for the Compaq Aero 1500 PDAs.  I need any I can find because the power/data connectors used in the cables are no longer available.

All units include:

  • Good screen with no major defects or deep scratches - some units with defects are available at a lower cost
  • Wall charger
  • Desktop cradle (not for use in a glider)
  • Good (as far as I can tell) main battery
  • New main battery
  • New backup battery
  • Soft case
  • Stylus
  • All buttons tested
  • Serial port tested

Note: Many used Compaq Aero 1500 units have a broken cover for the backup battery.  Many require the use of tape to keep them closed.  It is not a problem.

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