SN10B Flight Computer with vario meter 
This is an extremely nice flight computer system.  The display is very bright and easy to read even in bright sunlight.  The thermal height band graph is unique and very useful. 

SN-10 Compatibility with GPS Flight Recorders
The SN-10 does not include an integral GPS.  It does include a flight recorder, but it is not IGC approved for validation of any flights.  The SN-10 will work with just about any flight recorder, but can send task declarations to the Volkslogger, so the combination of VL and SN-10 is quite common.  The low cost (non-IGC approved) option would be to use a 
Garmin GPS35. It will also work well with a ColibriCambridge 302A or most Garmin GPSs.

New SN-10 Software Version
There is a new option to show reachable airports on the map screen.  Details and free upgrade files are available here.

Custom Cables
The SN-10 is delivered with basic cables that can be used to connect to most any GPS - but some soldering is required.  Optional custom cables are available for connecting the SN-10 to a variety of GPS and GPS flight recorder units.  These cables greatly simplify installation.  All you need to do is screw them together and you are ready to fly - no soldering required.  For connecting the SN-10 to a GPS only (no Pocket PC) look for the SN-10 at the top right corner of the table and then find the desired GPS in the left-hand column. For connecting the SN-10 to a GPS and a Pocket PC, look for the SN-10 and GPS pair in the left-hand column and then look across the top of the table for the desired PDA.

Ordering Options
When ordering the SN-10 you have the option to have the ILEC supplied panel cable modified for connection to a Garmin GPS, Volkslogger, Colibri or Cambridge GPS-NAV, 302 or 302A for $39 to $59 (includes labor and shipping to Goddard and back).  Or you can order the option to have a Garmin GPS 16-HVS GPS attached to the SN10's panel cable for $188 (includes $129 for the GPS and a $59 charge for labor, quick-disconnect connectors, and shipping to Goddard and back).

Using a Pocket PC for SN-10 Waypoint Database and Fight Log Transfers
It is possible to send waypoint files to the SN-10 from a Pocket PC.  You can also download flight logs from the SN-10 to the Pocket PC.  That way you don't need to bring a PC to the airport.  Details are available here.

How to Create an SN-10b Waypoint and SUA data file
The process of creating a waypoint and SUA data file for the SN-10b is a bit complicated.  The process I use is described here.

Demo Software for PCs: Software

Software (firmware) upgrades: Software

6 week lead time

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