Becker RCU6201 Remote Control Unit
Remote control unit for use with Becker AR6201 or RT6201. Two-seat aircraft can use either an AR6201 with 1 RCU6201 (most common) or an RT6201 with 2 RCU6201 units (if there is no room for the AR6201 in the panel).

This is an exciting product for owners of 2-seat gliders. Gone are the days that you need to try to talk your passenger through the operation of the radio. Many times I have become frustrated trying to talk my passenger in the front seat through the seemingly simple process of turning up the volume on the radio - forget trying to get them to change the frequency... Now you can operate the radio yourself from the back seat. The remote control head and main radio display always show the same information. Changes made on either display are shown on both displays.

The AR6201 and RT6201 have 2 25-pin connectors on their backsides. One is used for connection to 12V power, speaker, PTT, microphone, etc. The other is used for connection to this remote display. A Goddard Cable-Becker-RCU6201-0p5 or Cable-Becker-RCU6201-3 cable is used to connect the "P1" port on the RCU6201 remote head to the "J1" connector on the AR6201 or RT6201 radio unit. The RCU6201 is powered by the AR6201 or RT6201.

Technical Data

  • Sunlight readable full graphic LC-display
  • -20°C to +55°C
  • certification pending: ETSO-2C37c, 2C38e, TSO-C169a
  • Work with radios with 8.33 or 25 kHz channel spacing


  • Weight: 7 ounces (200 grams)
  • Height: 2.409 inches (61.2 mm)
  • Width: 2.409 inches (61.2 mm)
  • Depth (including control knob): 2.37 inches (60.2 mm)
  • Depth (behind panel): 1.547 inches (39.3 mm)

Manual for AR6201, RT6201, and RCU6201

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  • Brands Becker
  • Product Code: Becker-RCU6201
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  • $725.00

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