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Condor Keypad
The Condor Keypad brings most of the common keyboard commands to your fingertips. It dramatically improves the ease-of-use of Condor and Condor 2. Instead of trying to remember which key on the PC keyboard is used to toggle the landing gear, just hit the "Gear" button. It connects to a USB port on the PC.

The Condor Keypad is especially handy for users of VR (virtual reality) goggles. The goggles make it tough to find a key on a full-size computer keyboard, but after a little practice, I was able to remember and find the desired keys on the Condor Keypad.

Works great with both Condor and Condor 2.

Note: The keys must be assigned to the controls in Condor or Condor 2 by going to the Setup, Input, Assign Controls screen and then double-clicking in the desired control assignment box in the PC program, and then immediately pressing the matching key on the keypad. The setup procedure takes only a minute or 2 and only needs to be done once.

Number of Keys: 19 - However, the 2 keys on the bottom left have the same funtion, so they have the same label description. So you get 18 different keys.

Key Labels: I use a Brother label maker to print the key labels. They are easy to remove if you want to make your own labels. I suspect that most users will use it as it is provided.

Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.3 x 1.3 inches

The Condor Keypad is also available as part of the Condor2 Ultimate Kit.

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