Trig TY91 Panel Mount Aviation Radio
The new TY91 radio is a very interesting product. It looks great in the panel next to a Trig TT21 or TT22 transponder. The dual-montitor function makes it possible to hear transmissions on the standby frequency if nothing is being received on the main frequency - enhancing safety.

The Trig TY91 takes up minimal space and weight. The innovative use of a control head and separate radio hardware unit provides more installation options, especially when space is at a premium.

The control head can be conveniently mounted in a full 57mm round hole or even smaller compact mount. Fitting is straightforward, and once installed the depth of the radio control head is only 74mm. In practice this means that the Trig TY91 and TY92 control head can be located in an aircraft instrument panel where a ‘single box’ radio will simply not fit.

Light sport, ultra light, glider and balloon pilots will fit the Trig TY91 radio, this lower powered 6 watt model is ideal for the majority of GA users.


  • Low Weight
  • Minimal Panel Space
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 6 Watts Nominal Output
  • 8.33 and 25 kHz channel spacing
  • Simple Installation

The TY91 is the perfect comms partner to our TT21 and TT22 Mode S (1090 ES ADS-B Out transponders).

The TY91 is TSO approved for fitting to European and FAA registered aircraft.

Antenna Connector
The TY91 utilzes a TNC (not BNC) connector for the antenna cable connection. TNC connectors are commonly used on transponders. Most sailplane radio installations use BNC connectors. A crimp-on TNC connector is included. Specifications for the required crimping tool are listed in the manual. Or you can use the simple TNC to BNC adapter found below.

Low Voltage Operation
I asked Trig about the low voltage operation of the unit. Their response is below.

This is a common question, but is not well addressed by the certification standards. The "normal minimum voltage" is defined by the RTCA and therefore the FAA as being 11 volts (for 14 volt equipment) or 22 volts (for 28 volt equipment) - we didn't choose that specification point. The corresponding "emergency operating voltage" is defined as 9 volts respectively. This is because according to the standards the nominal bus voltage is 14 volts rather than 12 volts, which is the voltage with the alternator on-line. For those of you who forgot to fit an engine to your airplanes, we understand this can be tricky :-)

At voltages greater than or equal to 11 volts - the voltage chosen by the FAA - wemeet all of the TSO standards, including the rated transmitter power. Our radio is also certified for use in an emergency, and it is considered an emergency whenever the bus voltage is below 11 volts, down to 9 volts bus voltage. At voltages BELOW 11 volts (down to 9 volts) we are allowed to back off the transmit power, which is a good thing because it makes the battery last longer. The Trig radio therefore continues to work, but will transmit a proportionally reduced output power as the bus voltage falls. FYI, at 9 volts the radio will be about 2.7 watts carrier power.

I believe this is how most of the other radios on your comparison page are designed. Some were only designed to work to the 11 volt "minimum". Those that have included the "emergency" voltage all back off to some extent when less volts are available.

The radio puts a warning message on the screen when the voltage falls through 10 volts.

Microphone Compatibility
The TY91 requires an amplified "aviation style" electret microphone. It will not work with Becker or Dittel or Peiker "dynamic" microphones. It will work with the Peiker ME510-25in gooseneck electret microphone.

Speaker Compatibility
The TY91 requires a speaker of 4 or 8 Ohm, 4 or more Watts. I recommend the Peiker KL-1 speaker.

Wiring Harness
Cumulus Soaring, Inc. offers a Goddard wiring harness for the TY91.

If you prefer to make your own wiring harness - the necessary connectors are included.

Example Systems
See some example systems with wiring harness, speaker, micrphone and PTT switch here: Example Radio Systems

TY91 Brochures, Operating Manuals and Installation Manuals

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