Fafnir Sailplane Model Kit
Resin Model Kit
Scale: 1:72
Wing Span of Full Size Glider: 19 m (62.3 feet)
Wing Span: 26.4 cm (10.4 inches)
Length: 10.8 cm (4.2 inches)
Designed in Germany in 1929 by Lippisch and considered to be the most beautiful sailplane of its time.  It was a single seat high performance glider.
The kit includes a complete airframe and assembly instructions (shown at right), but no decals.

The excellent book Sailplanes 1920 - 1945 by Martin Simons includes an excellent write-up, photos and scale drawings of this glider.  A quote from the book, "Lippisch in 1929 began the design of a new high performance sailplane, which was called the Fafnir after the legendary dragon.  The wing root was faired to the carefully streamlined fuselage at the level of the pilot's head.  Numerous small strips of plywood were scarfed together to make the complicated, three dimensional curved form."

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