Cable, ClearNav DB15 Extension, Length: 2 feet
The ClearNav DB15 Extension cable is designed to connect a ClearNav display on a RAM mount to the Nexus Wiring Board that is installed behind the panel. The cable is a custom 14-conductor 2' cable with low-profile DB15f female connector. The cable is extremely flexible and has an abrasion resistant jacket. The cable is run through a rubber grommet which fits into a 7/16” (11 mm) hole in the panel. One end is connected to the DB-15 connector on the back of the ClearNav display and the other end connects to screw-terminals on the Nexus Board. The conductors are pre-stripped and tinned.  A rubber grommet is included on the cable for use in the panel hole.  A wiring diagram is included. 

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  • $95.00

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