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ClearNav Stick Mounted Remote Control
These are extremely elegant stick-mounted remote control units for use with the ClearNav.  They are made of precision carved Teak wood.
  The finish is just the natural wood, sanded to 320 grit and then buffed with a compound called White Diamond. The buffing compound has a wax feel and gives the grip a bit of shine but the color and grain remain natural. Retrofitting for the Stick Handle Remote is possible at any time after installing the ClearNav. Retaining the original handheld remote is recommended to enable use in other gliders or at home with the power adapter.

The 10-button remote control panel is mounted in top of handle for comfortable, ergonomic control of the ClearNav with the flying hand.  It includes all the same buttons in the same locations as on the standard handheld remote.  It includes a PTT (push-to-talk) button and wiring.  The hole for the stick is customized to the stick diameter.

Please specify the stick diameter when ordering.  Rather than assuming that the stick diameters below are correct - I highly recommend using a calipers to measure the exact diameter of the control stick in your sailplane. Also, please let me know the make and model of the radio in your sailplane. Different radios have different push-to-talk wiring circuits.

Radio Type
Different aviation radios have different circuitry for the push-to-talk switch. There are therefore 2 versions of this item available. One works with Becker AR6201, Filser, Microair and XCOM radios and the other version works with Becker AR4201 many other radio types. Please enter the make and model of your aircraft radio when ordering.

Installation Notes

Hole Sizes

  • DG (18 mm)
  • Schleicher (18mm stick diameter, Schleicher installs a special stick handle with the usual 24mm coming up until the trim, but then it slopes down to 18mm for the top part that goes into the wooden handle. This solution is very elegant, since now the handle fairs into the 24mm tube without any change in diameter.)
  • Schempp-Hirth (19mm stick diameter)
  • Glasfl├╝gel, LS (20mm stick diameter)

Lead time: 1-2 weeks

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