ClearNav II System Kit - On-Panel Mount
The ClearNav MFD is a large, bright, color, navigation display that runs ClearNavigator soaring flight software. The system kit includes everything required for operation and mounting on the front (pilot side) of the instrument panel.

ClearNav II Soaring Flight Computer
Overview Video, by Paul Remde

ClearNav II Soaring Flight Computer
Duration: 20+ minutes
One of 80+ videos in the Soaring Product Training series
You can rent this video for 30 days for $3, or buy it for $10, or rent the entire Soaring Product Training series for $60 for one year.


  • ClearNav II display unit with ClearNavigator Software
  • CNi-0610 - Handheld Remote Control
  • CNi-0640 - GPS antenna
  • CNi-0641 - Nexus Junction Box and hookup wires
  • CNi-0651 - Panel Mounted USB/Remote Extension
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Quick-Reference Card
  • Calibration Data Sheet

This assembly is the one most customers will order. Even if you are planning to use the RAM mounting option, you will want to buy this kit.

The Online Manual is available here:

New ClearNav Quick Reference Cards
The new Quick Reference cards are available here:

New ClearNav Software and Firmware
You can download the latest ClearNav software and firmware here:

PC Simulator
The PC ClearNav Simulator makes it possible to try out the ClearNav on your computer.  It is also a great way to "brush up" on the ClearNav software over the winter - or before a flight.  However, although the PC ClearNav Simulator is very handy, it is much easier to use the ClearNav's handheld remote (connected to a ClearNav) than it is to use your PC keyboard and the PC ClearNav Simulator.  The buttons on the handheld remote are easy to identify and use with your thumb.  I recommend printing the image at right to use as a reference when using the simulator.  To print it: right click on it and select "Print Picture".  You can download the PC Simulator here: 

Printable Manual
It was never quite finished, but the ClearNav Manual I wrote is still available.  It is a large document, but it is a handy reference and good learning tool. Section on flying turn area tasks is very informative. It is no longer available online but I can make it available to you using YouSendIt upon request.

Free Online Resource for Generating ClearNav .stx Waypoint Files
A year or 2 ago, Lynn Alley created his 
US Aviation Information site.  It can be used to create waypoint and airspace files for any location in the U.S. It is also a fantastic resource.  He recently added to the site the ability to generate airport data files in the .stx format - as used by the NK ClearNav.  You can ask the site to generate a waypoint file centered around your favorite gliding site, and it will create a file that works great in your ClearNav.  The site also generates waypoint files in .cup (SeeYou), .ndb (ILEC SN10), .dat (Cambridge and Glide Navigator II and others) file formats.  This is fantastic news for NK ClearNav owners!  Thank you Lynn!  -

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  • $2,660.00

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