ClearNav CNv Cross Country (XC) License Pack
Upgrade your ClearNav CNv or CNv Nav Vario to XC (Cross Country) functionality. Adds secure flight recorder and task declaration displays. Provides navigation displays and task editing and serial data out to drive external navigation displays.

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In addition to all the features found in the ClearNav CNv Club Vario, the XC Software offers the following features.

  • Secure GPS flight recorder to the highest IGC approval level
  • Thermal Assistant (LCD version only)
  • Cambridge Dataport
    To ensure easy and immediate compatibility with existing soaring flight software products, ClearNav is using the proven serial port data protocols developed for the Cambridge 302.  Therefore, all soaring flight software will work great with the CNv Cross Country by simply telling the soaring flight software that you are connected to a Cambridge 302.  This should work for exchanging MacCready, bugs and ballast data as well as task declaration uploads and flight log downloads.  This will make it an excellent "drop in" replacement for a 302.
  • ClearNav MFD Support
    The CNv Cross Country will be able to communicate with the ClearNav MFD over the high-speed CANbus port (eventually - serial port support at this time). This will allow data to be sent between the two units very quickly. Vario and airspeed and wind data will be sent from the vario to the display and MacCready, Bugs and Ballast will be exchanged in both directions.
  • Task Management
    - Completely autonomous operation provides a backup to allow task completion without the MFD if necessary

    - Task and active waypoint are synchronized with ClearNav MFD
  • Outside Air Temperature
  • GPS Ground Speed
  • Airspeed
  • True Airspeed
  • Altimeter

Package Discount
Customers that buy the ClearNav Vario at the same time as a ClearNav MFD will receive the XC Upgrade (worth $600) for free.

CNv XC Online Manual

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