• Garmin-GPS16x-HVS

Garmin GPS 16x HVS

The GPS 16x HVS sensor features a high-sensitivity receiver, integrated antenna and rugged, waterproof design that makes it useful for a variety of applications.

Get Accurate Data
This high-sensitivity, 12-channel receiver continuously tracks satellites and reports your precise position. It is also WAAS-enabled, so it can determine your precise location to within 3 meters — without using an external DGPS beacon receiver.

Leave Interference Behind
The GPS 16x HVS offers excellent EMI/RFI performance, so you can use it near mobile computing devices and wireless communications equipment without worrying about interference.

The GPS 16x HVS is a high-sensitivity GPS sensor that replaces the GPS 16.

This is a great, simple GPS for soaring applications.  I like it because it can be powered with 12 VDC and does not have a magnet built into it (like many small GPS units do).  It is WAAS compatible.

It is perfect for use with an LXNAV S7 variometer.  The S7 powers the unit with 12V and the GPS allows the S7 to do simply "get home" navigation with final glide calculations.

It works very nicely with the ILEC SN-10b because the SN-10b can power the GPS16x HVS.  When ordered with an SN-10b you can have the GPS16x HVS connected to the SN10's panel cable for $59.  A quick-disconnect connector is used to make it easy to route the GPS cable through small openings.

The GPS 16x HVS comes with a cable with an RJ45 (Ethernet) connector.  It can be ordered with an optional DB-9f connector for use with a Pocket PC.  The DB-9f connector plugs directly into a Goddard PS-5a power converter.  The PS-5a provides 12V power for the GPS16x and 5V power for the Pocket PC.

Note: The GPS 16x HVS defaults to a baud rate of 4800.  I can re-program it for any other baud rate for free.  I have PC cables setup for that.  I recommend 19200 baud if you think you may replace it in the future with a FLARM device.

Connector Options

  • RJ45 connector, the customer must connect the +12 VDC power, common and transmit lines. (standard) 
    Note: It is necessary to connect 3 wires to common - The black (common), yellow (enable) and the shield drain wire should all be connected to ground.  That makes it tough to simply attach an RJ connector because it's not possible to stuff 3 wires into one slot on an RJ connector.
  • LXNAV S7 or S8 or S80 Variometer
    The GPS 16x-HVS works great with the LXNAV S7 or S8 of S80 variometer.  An RJ-Coupler-RJ45-RJ45 ($15) and Goddard Cable-GPS16xHVS-S7-0p3 ($50) can be used to connect the GPS directly to an LXNAV S7.  The S7 powers the GPS with 12V.
  • Let me know if you want me to shorten the power/data cable ($20).  It is supplied with a 5 m (about 16 feet) long cable.
  • Goddard PS-5a
    DB-9f, a standard connector for use with a Goddard PS-5a power converter and a Pocket PC. $30
    • PS-5a Pin 2 (GPS TX) to white wire in Garmin GPS 16x-HVS cable
    • PS-5a Pin 5 (ground) to black and yellow wires in Garmin GPS 16x-HVS cable
    • PS-5a Pin 7 (+12V) to red wire in Garmin GPS 16x-HVS cable
  • ILEC SN-10b panel cable-Customer Supplied, The customer's ILEC SN-10b panel cable is modified to connect the GPS 16x HVS to the SN-10b.  The SN-10b provides 12V power for the GPS. $59 for Modification
  • ILEC SN-10b panel cable-New, A new ILEC SN-10b panel cable is modified to connect the GPS 16x HVS to the SN-10b.  The SN-10b provides 12V power for the GPS. $59 for Modification + $63 for SN-10 Panel Cable = $122
  • SN10b-Pnl-PS5a-GPS16-x cable, This cable is used to connect the GPS16x HVS to both an SN-10b and a Pocket PC.  It replaces the SN-10 Panel Cable that comes with the SN-10. $119

Size: 3.58" (91 mm) diameter, 1.65" (42 mm) high

Input Power: 8 to 40 VDC, 65 mA at 12V

6.4 oz. (181 g) without cable 
11.7 oz. (332 g) with 5 meter cable 

Cable: Foil-shielded 8 conductor 28 AWG RJ-45 (5 m long)


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