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LS8-e neo – The Standard Class Racer goes Electric


Available options for LS8-e neo:

  • set of spare batteries
  • 2x 1200W batery chargers
  • 2000W quick-charger
  • propeller covers
  • FES FCU bridge for LXNAV computers
  • MOP2 sensor (LXNAV) – IGC certified ENL sensor for electric aircraft


  • 18m wingtips with LS-syle winglets
  • tinted canopy
  • NOAH – emergency bailout aid
  • leather interior
  • removable head-rest for tall pilots
  • Dolba BD12 – FLARM Antenna in vertical stabilizer
  • transponder preparation incl. antenna
  • landing gear warning
  • Mount for oxygen bottle
  • fin battery 
  • trim weights
  • tail dolly

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