Standard Equipment

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LS8-e neo – The Standard Class Racer goes Electric

Standard Equipment

The following standard equipment comes with your LS8-e neo

  • FES-System from LZ Design
  • M100 FES motor, brushless
  • asymmetrical spinner with foldable propeller 
  • FCU – FES Control Unit incl. colored display and 57mm diameter
  • 2x FES battery – GEN2 incl. BMS
  • 2x stainless steel transport cases for FES batteries
  • device to discharge battery to 50% for long time storage
  • 2x battery charger 600W
  • data-cable to analyse batteries via FES Software  
  • FES Software for Windows (free download via LZ Design)
  • CG hook


  • 15m wing span with neo winglets
  • small Tost tail wheel (Ø150mm) including new aerodynamic fairing
  • large instrument panel
  • all ruders sealed competition ready
  • parking brake
  • wheel brake connected with air brake handle
  • Mandl-Suction
  • 5″ landing gear
  • wing parting for 18m in series
  • LS-10 safety cockpit and interior
  • adjustable backrest incl. head rest
  • wings and fuselage in carbon composites
  • 190l water ballast system in wings
  • 7,5l fin tank
  • T-35 finish
  • nose and CG hook
  • Prandtl-Multi-Adapter (esa-systems)
  • 575kg MTOW (18m)
  • automatic hook ups
  • stageless trim
  • double storey air brakes incl. Pigott-Hook
  • mount for 2 Batteries below seat shell and in ertical fin
  • Roeger Hook
  • canopy cover
  • VHF-Antenna in vertical fin
  • registration number (decals)
  • maiden flight done, ready for pick-up in Bruchsal

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