Take Control of Your Cross Country Planning

GlidePlan is designed to help the glider pilot plan cross-country flights more intuitively, and create sectional markups suitable for use in the cockpit. 

GlidePlan gives you the tools you need to fly safer, farther, and faster.

GlidePlan is software for PC or Mac that displays U.S. Sectional Aeronautical Charts and can be used to plan cross-country soaring flights and print maps with distance and glide range rings.  It is popular with:

  • Contest pilots that want to print customized maps
  • Cross-country soaring pilots that don't own an expensive flight computer and want to print maps with glide range rings - or do own a flight computer and want printed maps as a backup.

Demo Videos


Introduction to GlidePlan
(640 x 480 pixels)
Medium (480 x 320 pixels)
Small (320 x 240 pixels):


Contest Maps in Under 5 Minutes
(640 x 480 pixels)
Medium (480 x 320 pixels)
Small (320 x 240 pixels):


  • Allows pilot to easily visualize possible tasks and goals
  • Import standard SeeYou (.cup) turnpoint files.  
  • Powerful turnpoint editor to fine tune the information and graphics  shown for each turnpoint on the map.
  • Automatic evaluation of tasks for FAI badge compliance, with diagnostics
  • Eliminates the need to mark up Sectionals by hand
  • Based on FAA sourced and scanned Sectionals
  • Produces automatic contoured lines of glide elevation for intuitive planning
  • Easily explore impact of arrival altitude and glider performance on goals or tasks
  • Great for instructors, and students learning cross country techniques
  • Transparency and fully customized colors and line widths increase map legibility
  • Outputs printed maps at Sectional scale, with automatic map legend
  • Quickly update saved maps with new landouts, or eliminate dated ones
  • Runs on Mac OSX, or Windows 2000/NT/XP
  • Free Sectional maps of the U.S. available on the GlidePlan web site

GlidePlan gives you complete control of the flight parameters that create the contour rings. Set the glide ratio and arrival altitude you feel comfortable with given your skill level. As you gain experience, you can tweak the parameters to your liking and print new maps. Perhaps you want an emergency map in the cockpit that shows aggressive glide and arrival altitudes and includes every usable landout. Perhaps you are flying in a new area or with a rental and want a map that reflects conservative thinking.

GlidePlan maps are very high resolution so every detail of the original can be seen. You have complete control over the appearance of the graphic overlays, including color, transparency, and line thickness. Printed maps match the scale of the original Sectionals. You can print a selected area, tile the whole map on to multiple pages, or get the full size map printed professionally by us, and mailed to you.

It's easy to create tasks by clicking on the map and laying down turnpoints. In addition to heading, distance and duration, GlidePlan has built in analysis software that evaluates the task's suitability for FAI distance badges. List every badge the task qualifies for, or select a specific badge to learn what type of distance penalties the flight may be subject to. Find out what the max release altitude is to avoid disqualification. Move, add or delete turnpoints to find the right course for the conditions of the day, or the goal you are trying to reach.

When you order the software a serial number will be e-mailed to you in 1 to 2 days.  You can download the demo software at any time and enter your serial number into the demo program. Downloads are available here: Downloads.  Don't forget to download your favorite sectionals for markup!  
Printing, saving, and exporting are disabled in demo mode.

Having trouble making getting GlidePlan to behave? Please send us an E-mail at Please include a description of the type of hardware you are using including RAM and video card if known, the operating system and version, and a description of the problem along with step by step instructions detailing how to reproduce it. We will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

About the Author
GlidePlan was designed and programmed by Matt Herron. Matt has been passionate about soaring since middle school when he built his first radio controlled sailplane. He studied aerospace engineering at Princeton, then product design engineering at Stanford, and took his first glider lesson twenty-five years ago. But only in the last three years has he had the time to begin flying seriously. He and his dad got certified at Crazy Creek in Northern California where they share a Ventus C. He flew his first contest this past summer.

Matt currently lives in Palo Alto, Ca., where he consults with several high tech start-ups doing mechanical engineering, industrial design, and user interface design. His passions include sailing, diving, amateur film making, programming, and of course soaring.

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