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*** The documents below were written for the original version of Condor - not Condor2. However, they are about 95% accurate for Condor2.

 - by Paul Remde

Condor Orientation - by Scott Manley

Getting Started with Condor Soaring Simulator
 - by Frank Paynter

Condor Corner Articles
Frank Paynter and Scott Manley are writing an excellent column for Soaring magazine called Condor Corner.   Many of their articles are available here:
CondorCorner-2010-04.pdf - An Introduction to Condor Corner and Condor, by Frank Paynter and Scott Manley
CondorCorner-2010-05.pdf - What’s the problem? (Airplanes make lousy classrooms, Classrooms make lousy aircraft), by Scott Manley
CondorCorner-2010-07.pdf - Condor as a Competition Trainer, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2010-08.pdf - Why Glider Flight Simulation?, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2010-09.pdf - Parowan, Utah and Condor, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2010-10.pdf - Glider Flight Simulation and the Curriculum, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2010-11.pdf - Setting up and flying a short cross-country flight, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2010-12.pdf - Features, Tips & Tricks - Round 1, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2011-01.pdf - Using SeeYou on the PC to evaluate your Condor flight, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2011-02.pdf - Features, Tips & Tricks - Round 2, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2011-03.pdf - Cross-Country Instruction the Condor Way, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2011-04.pdf - Features, Tips & Tricks - Round 3, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2011-05.pdf - Installing Sceneries, Online Racing, and PDA Basics, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2011-06.pdf - Features, Tips & Tricks - Round 4, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2011-07.pdf - Flying the Logan Scenery with B4, by Frank Paynter and Bruno Vassel IV
CondorCorner-2011-08.pdf - Frequently Asked Questions, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2011-09.pdf - Cross-Country Mentoring in Condor, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2011-10.pdf - Glider Flight Instruction at a Distance, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2011-11-Oudie.pdf, CondorCorner-2011-11-SoarPilot.pdf,, Mifflin_90m_AAT.igc, mifflin_90mi_AAT.fpl - Using an External PDA with Condor - by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2011-12.pdf - Attaining / Regaining / Maintaining your Proficiency, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2012-01.pdf - Online cross-country contest flying in Condor, by Frank Paynter
CondorCorner-2012-02.pdf - Simulation-based Flight Instruction at Clubs and Commercial Operations, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2012-03.pdf - First Annual In-Person Condor Regional Soaring Contest, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2012-04.pdf - Using Glider Flight Simulation to Promote the Sport of Soaring
, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2012-05.pdf - Cross-Country Soaring Training using Condor , by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2012-06.pdf - The Winter Crop, by Scott Manley - CFIG

CondorCorner-2012-07.pdf - Review of NaturalPoint’s TrackIR head motion sensor for use in the Condor simulator, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2012-08.pdf - Potpourri, by Scott Manley - CFIG

CondorCorner-2012-09.pdf - Cross-Country Training Program for Condor, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2012-10.pdf, CondorCorner-2012-10-KidVenture-Statistics-Spreadsheet.xls - Oshkosh – KidVenture 2012, by Scott Manley - CFIG
 - A Tale of Two First-Real-Life (RL)-Contest Winners, by Frank Paynter (TA)
 - Condor Christmas Buying Guide, by Frank Paynter (TA) and Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2013-01.pdf - Winch Training Preparation, by Scott Manley - CFIG

CondorCorner-2013-02.pdf - Team Flying in Condor with TA & BZ, by Frank Paynter (TA) and John MIttell (BZ)
CondorCorner-2013-03.pdf - Potpourri - II, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2013-04.pdf - Condor XC Training Program Report, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2013-05.pdf - Teaching Yourself to Fly Gliders, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2013-06.pdf - Condor for WGC Training and Area Familiarization, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2013-07.pdf - Condor Flight School & Scenario-based Training, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2013-08.pdf - Learning from Your Own Fatal Mistakes, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2013-09.pdf - More Simulation-based Options for the Self-Directed Glider Rating Candidate, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2013-10.pdf - Condor Scenery Creation, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2013-11.pdf - KidVenture 2013 & My Condor Story, by Scott Manley - CFIG
CondorCorner-2013-12.pdf - Condor Cross-Country Training Program Redux, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2014-01.pdf - Ralph S. Barnaby Lecture, Nyal’s Squib, My Condor Story, Reno 2014, by Scott Manley - CFIG, Nyal Williams – CFIG, David Fisichella – Condor cyber / real life glider student pilot
CondorCorner-2014-02.pdf - Condor Competition Review, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2014-03.pdf - A Major Break-though – Nyal’s Squib – My Condor Story, by Scott Manley - CFIG, Nyal Williams – CFIG, John Duke – Private Pilot Glider – Texas Soaring Association
CondorCorner-2014-04.pdf - Natural Point Track IR5 Pro Configuration, by Frank Paynter (TA)
CondorCorner-2014-05.pdf - SSA Reno 2014 + My Condor Story, by Scott Manley - CFIG, Mario Gerhardt – CFIG
CondorCorner-2014-06.pdf - The Condor Cross Country Soaring Center, by Frank Paynter (TA)

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