CH Products Pro Pedals - Rudder Pedals
Many experienced Condor users and recommend the CH Products Pro Pedals rudder pedals.  They are highly recommended when practicing cross-wind take-offs and landings, slips, skids, slow flight, stalls, spins, and aerobatics.

The rudder pedals have 2 functions.  They slide forward and back for rudder control (they are mechanically linked so they move in opposite directions) and each pedal can be rocked forward and back for differential wheel brake control (when flying power plane simulators).  They can also be locked so they don't slide if you want to use them as brake and accelerator pedals in a auto racing program.  Some experienced glider pilots may find it a bit different to use the sliding action for rudder control - since many glider rudder pedals rock forward and back rather than sliding.  But it is easy to get used to the difference. 


  • Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP/XP64,Vista (all versions), Windows 7
  • Mac OSX (Note: The CH Control Manager software is not Mac compatible.)
  • 3 axes
  • X and Y axes for Left and Right Toe Brake control
  • Z axis on self centering sliding mechanism for Rudder control
  • Realistic heel-toe differential brake control
  • Locking rudder axis for Gas/Brake emulation for racing games
  • Large sturdy base with 7 foot USB cable
  • Plug and Play driverless USB installation
  • Quality industrial components and construction
  • Two year limited warranty

Manufacturer's Web Site: CH Products Pro Pedals

Are Rudder Pedals Necessary When Using Condor?
I am often asked whether rudder pedals are required, or highly recommended, or...?  My opinion, and the opinion of several experienced Condor users is:

  • Rudder pedals are not absolutely necessary.  Most joysticks offer a twist action that can be used for rudder control, or you can enable "auto-rudder" in Condor. 

  • Rudder pedals are very highly recommended for anyone using Condor to learn how to fly gliders, or using Condor to practice flying skills such as cross-wind take-offs and landings, slips, skids, slow flight, stalls, spins, or aerobatics.

  • Rudder pedals are probably not necessary for cross-country soaring and contest flying.  Experienced users tell me that they enable the "auto-rudder" feature when flying cross-country or racing - because it is more about how you find lift and how fast you fly than about how well you work the rudder.

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