ClearNav Variometer System with Analog Display
The ClearNav variometer has been receiving very positive reviews from glider pilots around the world. It is a state-of-the-art digital variometer.

CNi-0668: $2050 
(CNi-0620 vario and CNi-0628 XC software upgrade)

Note: This version of the CNv vario does not support the new Thermal Assistant feature that is available in the CNi-0660-XC LCD version of the vario (see below). The CNi-0660-XC version is therefore recommended over this version.

ClearNav Vario with Mechanical Pointer
Overview Video, by Paul Remde

ClearNav Vario with Mechanical Pointer
Duration: 22+ minutes
One of 80+ videos in the Soaring Product Training series
You can rent this video for 30 days for $3, or buy it for $10, or rent the entire Soaring Product Training series for $60 for one year.

Upgradeable Functionality With a Simple Software Upgrade
One of the design goals was to be able to supply an upgradeable variometer system that can be upgraded easily.  The design team has met that goal, but rather than have hardware upgrades on the shelf at the factory, they have decided to put the full package of sensors and options into every unit.  Users will pay for only the features they want.  For example, a user could start with a basic unit, then, when they want to upgrade and enable some hardware of software function in the future, they simply buy a software upgrade that is tied to their unit's serial number - enabling any features and pre-installed hardware they desire.  The software upgrade is downloaded to a USB Flash Drive and plugged into the variometer.  It's that simple.  There shouldn't be any need to send the unit back to the factory, because all the hardware is pre-installed when the unit is first shipped - regardless of what set of features are enabled.

I am very excited about the ease of upgrade of the new variometer.  You can buy a simple speed-to-fly vario and upgrade it at any time to a powerful unit with built-in task navigation, PDA support, ClearNav MFD support, and an IGC approved flight recorder - with a simple software download and USB Flash Drive.  Cool! 

Note: Please buy the software upgrades from me.  The price will be the same as buying it directly from ClearNav. 

The CNv Club variometer includes:

  • TE audio vario
    Fast response with digital filters and user-selected time constants
  • Speed-to-Fly
    Audio tones and display provide feedback for best STF
  • Mechanical pointer
    Still the most effective way to display both magnitude and rate of change
  • High resolution, high contrast backlit graphical display
    Long and short averages of climb and netto and many other parameters
  • Get-home navigation ***
    Glideslope and vectors to the home field with wind correction
  • Wind data ***
    Head and tail winds, graphical and numeric wind
  • Suction (TE probe) or electronic (Pitot and Static) options ***
  • Pnematic TE Compensation with TE Probe
  • Electronic TE Compensation ***
  • In-flight adjustment of TE probe ***
    If the TE probe is under compensating it can be easily adjusted
  • Multi-coated low reflection window for maximum visibility
  • Easy update using USB Flash drive
  • 57 MM size
  • Easy to use
    One knob selects screens, the other screen values, graphical UI
  • PC utility
    Polar entry, netto or relative netto behavior, STF deadband etc can all be set using a configurator program. This program can also control which of many screens appear in flight, and the order in which they appear.
  • Upgradeable at any time to CNv Cross Country version
    You can purchase an upgrade that is tied to the serial number of the unit to upgrade it to a CNv Cross Country.

Package Discount
Customers that buy the CNv Club Vario at the same time as a ClearNav MFD will receive the XC Upgrade (worth $500) for free.

It consists of 2 components:

  • Air Data Computer (ADC)
    Black box mounted to the back of the variometer or remotely mounted
  • Display
    Variometer display head mounted in the instrument panel.  The display can also be used as a 2nd-seat repeater.

Main Features

  • Flexible two-piece design with all sensors and most of the processing power in a formed aluminum enclosure (the Air Data Computer or ADC) and the display in a separate injection molded plastic enclosure. The two are connected with a CANbus cable, allowing the ADC to be mounted either on the rear of the display module, or wherever convenient.
  • State-of-the-art sensors:
  • pressure (pitot, static, and T.E.)
  • three-axis accelerometer
  • two axis rate sensor
  • three-axis magnetometer
  • five Hertz GPS receiver
  • High-visibility mechanical pointer driven by a stepper motor,
  • Dot-matrix LCD
  • 2 rotate/push control knobs
  • ADC and display software field-upgradeable.
  • Fully compatible with ClearNav.
  • The display module also acts as a repeater for two-seat installations.
    57 MM (2 ¼”) display size fits any panel.
    T.E. available either from a suction probe or using pitot and static.
  • In-flight fine tuning of T.E. suction compensation.
  • ADC is highly configurable and provides scalable capability from an entry level basic T.E. vario for club use to a fully featured racing vario including Speed-to-Fly, enhanced wind vector calculations, acceleration corrections to T.E., and a secure flight recorder.
  • Display module also highly configurable with in-flight user control of:
    • Time constants (LCD, pointer and audio)
    • Displayed parameters:
      • Netto
      • T.E. (total energy variometer)
      • Relative netto
      • Smart averager
      • bottom-to-now climb
    • Bugs,ballast, MC, volume
    • Profiles (set up profiles on the ground, instantly select one in flight)

Additional features

  • Smart gear and spoiler warning support
  • Emergency power connections
  • Configurable manual cruise climb switch
  • Automatic volume control


  • CANbus (2)
  • Serial (1)
  • USB host (1)

Both the CANbus and serial ports can be configured to make available any and all of the sensor outputs. This will make it easy for users who choose not to use a ClearNav flight Computer to take full advantage of all of the ClearNav vario features.

Example System with ClearNav
Red Needle: 3.0 knots (instantaneous)
20 second average: 3.7 knots
Thermal Average: 2.9 knots

The "0:20" on the top left indicates that the number on
the top right is a short term (20 second) average. 

 The lower left number "00:48" is the time in the current thermal. 
The number to its right is the thermal average.

3D model with the scale faceplate and control knobs visible. 
The vario is supplied with 2 versions of the faceplate -
one in knots and one in m/s. 
The unit can be installed without the scale faceplate if desired.

Manuals and Other Documents on ClearNav web site 
NAV Display Online Manual 
CNv Vario Online Manual
CNv XC Online Manual 
CNv Vario Overview

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